Monday Motivation: God Has Smiled on Me

Every so often I find myself in a certain kind of mood. Whether you call it being down in the dumps, in a funk, grumpy, sad, whatever, it’s an unpleasant feeling that I’m eager to shed. 

For the last several few days I’d been battling with myself to let the “blahs” go, knowing that I have reason upon reason to rejoice.  I could’ve blamed it on jet lag, missing my mom, or caring for my sick family, but all I really wanted to do was shake it off and give it to God.  He was there like He always is, ever-ready to help, but instead of casting my cares upon him there was a small part of me that was quite content in my sulking stage.  The weather was gloomy, and as the rain poured down I thought it was oh so poetic given my mood.  When I woke up yesterday I’d finally had enough of my moping, and knew it was time to wipe the perma-frown off my face.  It was a cold, wet, and all together miserable morning, and my hubby was too ill to go to churchIn spite of feeling like the wretched Enemy was doing all He could to keep me under His thumb, I was bound and determined to break free!!  I knew the Word I’d hear and the praise I’d sing would be just what the doctor (Jesus) ordered, so I focused on only happy thoughts.  As I looked out the window and saw the gray skies, I was reminded of such a comforting thought. Big or small, storms don’t last always.  See the beauty that’s to come.  So in my mind’s eye that’s exactly what I did!  I thought of sunshine, and joy, and the smile began to form.  I meditated on the Lord’s purpose for rainbows, and felt my spirit soar as God’s Word renewed me.  rainbow

By the time our service ended, the touch of blue peeking out from behind the clouds was the confirmation I needed.  I felt as though it was a message just for me, and a reminder that Our Heavenly Father loves me so deeply.  Yes, He adores imperfect, moody, grumpy me, and no matter what spiritual season you may be in, He cherishes all of you just the same.  He smiles on us even when we don’t feel it, and I hope you decide to smile back!!

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Weekly Image of Life: Smile (In Honor of My Father’s Grin…)

This is my dad.  Wasn’t he a handsome young man? 🙂

I was constantly told that I smile like him, and that’s one compliment I’m always grateful to receive. 

His smile could light up any room, and bring the best out of anyone.  It beamed with genuine joy and love, and your frown had no place to stay if he was in your presence.  He was quick to flash his pearly whites to any camera that was aimed in his direction…and even a few that weren’t! 😉

He taught me how to pose with the best of them, but no matter what, he was my favorite picture partner.

He now spends his days in Heaven, where I know his countenance reflects the happiness and peace that comes with praising Our Mighty Lord.  I sometimes cry when I think of this, but not out of sadness or disappointment.  I shed tears over the goodness of God and the certainty of our reunion in Eternity.  I smile because as much as my daughter looks like her father, she has my smileThe smile of her Grandpa John.

For this I am thankful, and my smiles..our smiles…will never cease!! 


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

A dear friend of mine took this amazing photo of my baby girl.  She loves the freedom of scooting, rolling, rocking and reaching, but most of all she loves to fly!  Here’s to you Alexandra, my little free spirit...Never let the cares of this world steal your joy!!

Weekly Image of Life: Passion

I am passionate about many things.  Today, however, is a special day and I’d like to share my love, passion, and gratitude for being blessed with the best husband a woman could ask for.  2 years ago my prayers were answered.  It was our wedding day, and family and friends gathered as we entered into this sacred covenantI knew my life would be changed forever, but I couldn’t begin to imagine what the Lord had in store for me!  Because of him I am a wife and a mother.  Because of him I have an earthly sense of the unconditional love God has for me.  He is my spiritual head, my rock and my support.  He is more than I could’ve asked for.  He celebrates the woman I was created to be.

Last year we had a photo shoot to commemorate our first anniversary together.  I’d like to share these photos with you and give a very special thanks to our photographers.  Larry Davis was our wedding photographer and planted this idea in our minds.  I’d heard of a “Trash the Dress” shoot as a symbolic statement that there will only be “one dress for one man”.  The idea of getting all dolled up and getting to frolic about in a pretty dress, greatly appealed to my inner-child.  Besides, who else gets to wear their wedding gown twice? 😉

After a day of going where no bride had gone before, it was time for the grand finale.  Here we were joined by our dear friend and professional photographer, Squint FotoAs my husband’s best man he was unable to take photos on our wedding day.  Let’s just say he more than made up for it!

Want to know a secret?  There were 3 of us in these photos.  Our sweet baby girl was just beginning to grow inside of me.  I’m teary-eyed thinking of how my whole world has been changed.  I love you babe!  2 down…100 more to go.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

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Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast

I’m very excited to participate in this week’s Image of Life Challenge.  Before the summer breeze gives way to fall leaves, it’s the perfect opportunity to share photos from our first vacation as a trio!  We traveled to Los Angeles, CA with my in-laws, and with 8 adults and 8 kids under the same roof, there were sure to be adventures had by all! 🙂

After being on the road for just over 7 hours (only 1 stop – Alexandra was a trooper!), we arrived at the house we’d be sharing.  This picture of the foyer is only a glimpse of this beautiful home.  Before heading to bed there was plenty of bonding time with the cousins… Don’t let the face fool you.  She was loving it! LOL!

After a good night’s sleep, we were off to Universal StudiosThe hubby and I had never been, and we definitely look forward to returning when the little one is old enough to remember!

Beware! King Kong is watching!
Smile for the camera!
Oh, did you roll the red carpet out for me? You shouldn’t have!
Dr. Seuss Land: One of the MANY sights on the famous studio tour.
This was HIS idea, I promise!! I must admit that it makes for a great picture. Hahaha.
This funnel cake was delicious. I have no shame in saying I devoured it!!

We weren’t home for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, but we didn’t miss it!

The next day we ventured to Hollywood Boulevard, where the sights were aplenty! We started with lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

Can’t forget the music!

I know Muhammed Ali is extremely famous, but where’s my star? 😉

Strike a pose.
Wait a minute. Who gave Captain America a break?
Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center

Later that night we went to a graduation/anniversary party of one of my dearest friends. To all of our surprise (including her!), it turned out to be a 10 year vow renewal as well!

In spite of being tired, our final day was full of smiles.

The gorgeous displays at the Bowers Museum, was a relaxing end to a fun-filled weekend.

We had a truly blessed time, and in the same way it began, our trip ended…with family.  Thank you for visiting and God bless!

The Weekly Image Of Life challenge is issued every Wednesday by The Island Traveler at This Man’s Journey.  If you would like to participate and see other entries please visit here!