Jesus is the Only Way

Greetings friends!!

Someone reached out to me recently and shared a post that a friend of theirs wrote.  This person had questions and wanted to know my thoughts on the matter.  What could’ve been a simple statement turned into a novel, which translates into a new article for me to share.  Sometimes the Word just flows. ;)To ensure that confidentiality is maintained, I will summarize the post in question into 3 main points and no names will be mentioned.  Here is the gist of what I read:

  1. Man created religion as a tool used to suppress and control the masses.  It’s manipulation.
  2.  All “Gods” are created equal.  Titles may be different but all higher powers are the same.
  3. We are deceiving ourselves if we think that what we believe is the truth.

Now I will share my response, pretty much word for word:

I know nothing of this person’s background or purpose in posting this, but I can say that I strongly disagree with their point of view.  I re-read this a few times to be clear and it seems to me that he/she is drawing the conclusion that religion is a tool of manipulation and there is no such thing as one true and living God.  Let me begin by saying that I’m not a historian and I don’t profess to know the ins and outs of other religions (an area of growth for me, but I can get you in touch with those who know more if need be), but the Word of God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit is clear!

  1. Yes, it’s true that some, you could even say many men, have used and abused religion, and misled people along the way.  Have you ever seen The Book of Eli?  While certainly not to be considered a Christian film, there were many Biblical undertones.  The bad guy (spoiler alert) made a statement about wanting to get his hands on the Bible because it would bring him great power and manipulation over the people who were “weak”.  Unfortunately there have been men throughout history with this mentality who abuse the Word, thus giving true believers a bad name.  Even more upsetting is that their actions have given Christ a bad name too.  But anyone who seeks after the Lord knows that he’s all about relationships.  The closer we get to Him, and the better we get to know He and His Word, the more our perception into His true character will change.  We have liberty in Him.
    Galatians 5:1 (Amplified) reads:

In [this] freedom Christ has made us free [and completely liberated us]; stand fast then, and do not be hampered and held ensnared and submit again to a yoke of slavery [which you have once put off].

Doesn’t sound like shackles to me!

2.  There are numerous scriptures that support the fact that Jesus is the Messiah, he died on the cross and rose again (unique to every other religion/belief) and through Him alone we have access to our Father and eternal life.  John1:14, 10:9,11:25, 14:6, Romans 5:2 to name a few…

And we [have seen and] know [positively] that the Son of God has [actually] come to this world and has given us understanding and insight [progressively] to perceive (recognize) and come to know better and more clearly Him Who is true; and we are in Him Who is true—in His Son Jesus Christ (the Messiah). This [Man] is the true God and Life eternal.  1 John5:20 (AMP)

Meditate on “Him Who is true”.

3.  I want you to remain encouraged and know that there will always be someone claiming conspiracy or trying to diminish who God is in some kind of way.  They can site “facts” and “history” all day, but that doesn’t change who Jesus is and what He did for us.  Continue to be in prayer for them and the many others who would agree with their position. If Holy Spirit leads you to intervene be sure you are doing so with His wisdom, being wise as a serpent and harmeless as a doveOtherwise, keep it moving (Matthew 7:6).  Without God’s spirit, we can’t possibly expect the world to have accurate knowledge and clear understanding of the Word of God.

But the natural, nonspiritual man does not accept or welcome or admit into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the Spirit of God, for they are folly (meaningless nonsense) to him; and he is incapable of knowing them [of progressively recognizing, understanding, and becoming better acquainted with them] because they are spiritually discerned and estimated and appreciated.
But the spiritual man tries all things [he examines, investigates, inquires into, questions, and discerns all things], yet is himself to be put on trial and judged by no one [he can read the meaning of everything, but no one can properly discern or appraise or get an insight into him].  For who has known or understood the mind (the counsels and purposes) of the Lord so as to guide and instruct Him and give Him knowledge? But we have the mind of Christ (the Messiah) and do hold the thoughts (feelings and purposes) of His heart. 1 Corinthians 2:14-16 (AMP)

If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater; for this is the witness of God which He has testified of His Son.  He who believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself; he who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son. And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.  He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life,and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God. 1 John 5:9-13 (NKJV)

Whew.  So that’s that!  Anything else you’d like to add Saints?  How do you know God is real?

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Cry Baby Cry: I Just Want My Mommy!

Yesterday was frustrating. I’ve been teaching Bible Study the last couple months, and while I prepare throughout the week I spend most of the day on Wednesday completing my notes and getting spiritually and mentally ready for the evening. On these days I pray for focus, solid understanding, Holy Spirit wisdom, and for a cooperative baby (among other things). To my chagrin, Alexandra was not in agreement with my last request, and cries rang out all day. 

 I did my best to read between the lines (and tears). Whether it was for food, a diaper change, to be held, to be entertained, stared at, more food, whatever, I was hard pressed to get anything done. I couldn’t help but think of my friends who would chuckle and say ”welcome to mommyhood” or ”you might as well get used to this now”. True as these words may be, I was in no laughing mood. I was in desperate need of productivity, and the breaks in which I let her ”cry it out” only rattled my nerves more. Instead of having a meltdown, I tried explaining to her that mommy needed a shower, lunch and to study. She wouldn’t budge. The small signs of growing independence she’d been displaying all week were all but gone. It was clear. She just wanted her mommy. I somehow managed to accomplish 2 of the 3 items on my list (like my child, being clean and full makes me feel better!) before texting the hubby, asking him to head home expeditiously once he got off work. As much as my baby needed me, I needed his help to accomplish what I’d set out to do. In the meantime, I surrendered to the cries and gave into Alexandra’s every request until daddy came home to rescue me.

At last he arrived, and like my knight in shining armor he took the baby in the other room, and there was peace at last!  Well, not completely, lol, but enough for me to finish what I’d set out to do hours before.  Off to Bible study we went, and while still trying to shake off the “blahs”, my little one’s currently joyful disposition all but erased the earlier madness. Returning home last night was more of the same.  I was the one she was looking for to give her comfort before she went to sleep.  It was in my arms that she wanted to be held, and my voice that soothed her cares away.  I was so bothered earlier, but as the house fell silent and the stars shone brightly outside my window, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation.  As much as it may irritate me when things don’t go according to my plan, I can’t stand the thought of my baby being unhappy.  Knowing that I have what it takes to wipe those tears and bring that smile out is more meaningful than what I can truly put in to words.  The crazy part is, I don’t have all the answers, yet I find a way to soothe her.  God is omniscient, and He not only knows everything I need, but has the means to provide all that I ask of Him!  If the love I have for my daughter is but a mere glimpse of what the Lord feels toward me, I am indeed priceless in His eyes!!!  Isn’t that refreshing?!

The love of our Father goes beyond the cross, thru the Resurrection, and into our innermost spirit.  He wants us to cling to Him like a baby clings to her mother, and go to Him with our every request.  Do you cry out to God?  Do you desire to constantly be in His presence? His goodness is always enveloping us, but do you feel it?  Do you know it?  God is waiting, and like the ultimate parent He springs into action when we call on His name.

Thank you Lord for your goodness!!

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