Weekly Image of Life: October Magic

Hmmm.  October Magic.  What is October Magic?  This challenge almost had me stumped, because I don’t view this month with any particular enthusiasm.  In fact, I always hoped I could fast forward to November so I could celebrate my favorite national holidays (my birthday and Thanksgiving ), but it hasn’t happened yet! 😉

It’s expected to be about 80 degrees tomorrow, and I’m not being swept away by beautiful fall colors or a distinct change of seasons.  Our visit to the pumpkin farm isn’t until this upcoming weekend, so what’s a girl to do?  Then it came to me.  My incredibly talented friend and brother in the Lord, Squint Foto, recently took some pictures of my little darling and they literally took my breathe away!

The “magic” is in these moments, and comes from the reality of knowing I have a relationship with an extraordinary God!!  He’s blessed me with my family and friends, and saw fit to make me the mom of the most precious angel. These special memories will never be forgotten, and I hope you will embrace the gifts that surround you each and every day!!

For more inspired photography please visit www.squintfoto.com

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