Grace For the Guilty Mom


I’m sharing a guest piece on mom guilt over at Mom of 11 Kids today! 

Thanks so much for reading!!


I still remember that day vividly. It was a couple months ago and I was packing for a work conference and feeling stressed. You, like mommy, woke up a ‘grumpadump’ as we like to call it, and nothing, I mean nothing would please you. Finally I hit my limit, and the next time you whined I let out a roar. A crazy, loud, harsh, and devastating roar. You burst into tears because mommy had lost it, and I burst into tears because in that moment I had failed you as parent. The rest of the day I was silent, reflective, and wracked with guilt. The following day the guilt lingered, and on to the next day and for days and weeks to come. By this time the guilt had shifted away from that particular incident, and onto a myriad of other moments of my perceived failure.

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Surrender to God’s Perfect Peace

Friends, I have some exciting news! For the next few months I’ll be contributing to the on-line ministry, Daughter of Delight, as a weekly writer!! I will be sharing a devotional every Sunday, and I pray that God’s Word will encourage your hearts. I am so humbled by this opportunity and thankful for this platform to spread the goodness of Our Heavenly Father! Below you will find my first post, and I hope you will follow the highlighted link to read it in its entirety. 💗

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