You are a Powerful Force for God

My weekly contribution for Daughter of Delight is up!


For the last few days I’ve been keeping up with the news surrounding Hurricane Patricia. As the strongest land falling pacific hurricane on record, the attention surrounding its movement has been of both awe and wonder, as well as apprehension and fear. As I prayed for safety and protection of the people predicted to be in its path, I was struck with another thought. This hurricane, which also happens to be my namesake, has been described as ‘powerful’, ‘unstoppable’, and ‘a force to be reckoned with’. It stopped me in my tracks as I asked myself if I could be described as such a mighty force for Jesus.

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Nothing Compares to Being in Communion With God

My contribution this week for Daughter of Delight. 😊


I’ve recently had some amazing fellowship with some very good friends. I shared my heart with them, and they shared their heart with me. It blesses me because I understand the value of spending quality time with people I admire, love and respect, and in order to maintain such companionship, I choose to invest my time and energy to maintain a strong connection.

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Will My Heart Be Big Enough?

Can I handle 2 children? 

How will my toddler react to the baby?

What will become our new norm?

Will my first trip to the grocery store with both girls be a disaster?

Will I ever get out of the house on time?

Will I ever want to leave the house again?!

How do I get my little darlings up those stinkin’ stairs??

Am I ready for this?

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