Donuts with Dad and a Fizzy Fall Treat!

This post is sponsored by Sparkling ICE but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Saturday’s are for family and we love spending time together. Few things make my heart burst more than seeing my husband dote on our children, and they love having daddy/daughter time with him.

The weekdays have seemed especially hectic and rushed lately, so we decided to enjoy the rarity of a crisp fall afternoon (it’s hot in Georgia!), and set-up ‘donuts with dad’ in our backyard!

Our girls were thrilled! In addition to the donuts and daddy time, they noticed the addition of a special drink too.

Sparkling Ice!

I tend to be a bit strict with what my children drink. They don’t drink soda and rarely do they get juice, so having Sparkling Ice is a HUGE treat! They know it’s naturally flavored drinking water and they love it. They enjoy the taste and my oldest likes to remind me that I can relax because they have zero sugar. Ha! She’s definitely on to something! 

 Sparkling Ice goes beyond tasting good and believes it’s important that you feel good too. With natural colors, vitamins and antioxidants this is definitely the case. Instead of me worrying about the quality of what they’re consuming, the biggest decision is deciding which flavor to try first!

You always hear people say “it’s the little things”, and that’s absolutely true. Some quality time with dad, donuts and a fun, fizzy drink absolutely made our day. Not even the littlest sister wanted to be left out of this one! 🙂 

Whether it’s for family fun or a fall celebration with friends, make the choice that’ll keep everyone happy and have the Sparkling Ice Pink Variety Pack on hand!

Visit Sparkling Ice’s store locator and say cheers to great water and a weekend of fun!!







10 thoughts on “Donuts with Dad and a Fizzy Fall Treat!

  1. What a fun tradition you have started. We usually have donuts after church on Sundays and we love the idea of adding Sparkling ICE to the mix!

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