Pleasing Your Pickiest Eaters With Danimals!

This post is sponsored by Danimals but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s the end of summer vacation and I find myself once again asking, “where did the time go?” These months seem to fly by faster and faster with each passing year, but for me there is one distinct difference that sets this upcoming school year apart.

Instead of one child in school full-time, I’ll have two! Woohoo!!

My sweet Lily is going to be in Pre-K, right across the hall from her big sissy’s 2nd grade class!

We have some nerves as well as excitement over here, but as I plan for us to get back into a solid routine, the question of school lunch always comes into play.

My oldest is pretty easy to please when it comes to what she eats, but my rising Pre-K student is DIF-FF-I-CULT!! Just like dinner, I have no intention of preparing drastically different meals for each of my children. This means I’ll need to incorporate snacks both of them like.

In addition to things they like, daily options need to be something I feel good about giving my girls.

Having a good source of calcium and Vitamin D, Danimals Smoothies are already a nutritious family favorite. I know I’m going to get major brownie points for including Danimals Squeezables in the lunch rotation too!

Danimals Squeezables are mess-free and super convenient. They can be placed in the freezer overnight and thawed just in time for school!

The Smoothies are easy to grab and go and even my picky child would drink one for every meal if she could (she can’t lol).

We’re entering new territory this year with a newbie in school and my big girl getting bigger, so it’s important to make any part of the daily process easier for this mama and my girls!

With a taste they love and options to keep things interesting, Danimals Smoothies and Squeezables is a great and simple way to keep meal time on track, without the extra fuss!

Cheers to the new school year!

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  1. I bought these years ago when my son was younger and he always loved them! I havent seen the pouch form ones though… may need to pick some up for the kids lunchboxes.

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