Elevate Snack Time with New Goldfish® Epic Crunch™!

This post is sponsored by Goldfish® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s officially springtime which means summer is right around the corner! I’m not trying to rush past any seasons but I am already thinking of how the girls and I will spend our days.

Spring break served as a nice trial run, and I know that whatever we do, I need to make sure the snack game is strong!

Whenever there are days off it feels like my kids are hungry all day!! They are constantly asking for something but I don’t want to give them just anything. We love Goldfish, and now that they’ve released the new Nacho Goldfish Epic Crunch our snack time just went up a notch!

The Nacho Goldfish Epic Crunch are baked with whole grain and without any artificial flavors or preservatives. They have a zesty, cheesy flavor we all love (yes, I might’ve snuck a few, lol), and you can  find Ranch and Honey BBQ in the stores too.

It may seem like a small thing but something as simple as switching up the usual snack routine and finding something everyone can enjoy eating is a big deal.

Bonus points for being mom approved!

Last summer I was very pregnant and felt some major mom guilt for not getting out as much. This year things will be different.

Whether we go on a bunch of different excursions or hang out in our backyard for dance parties and musical parades, the Nacho Goldfish Epic Crunch will definitely be coming with me!

Goldfish for the win! Look for them during your next grocery run and tell me what you think.

Do you already have plans for the summer?



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