3 Easy Hosting Tips for the Busy Mom

This post is sponsored by Febreze but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I love having friends and family gather at my house. Quality time is my love language, and sharing laughs, food and fun with the people who matter most truly fills me up! However, as I get deeper and deeper into the juggling act that is motherhood, I often feel like my hosting skills have gone right out the window. 

The desire to have people in my home is still there, but with the constant mess that comes with having young children and limited time to prepare for guests, I now rely on 3 things to help me continue to feel like the hostess with the mostest. ūüėȬ†

1. Plan Ahead

Special occasions aside, planning ahead rarely means preparing an elaborate meal and fine tuning every detail these days. Instead, I head to my local Sam’s Club to stock up on some items for the household that will help my guests feel right at home!¬†

On my last trip I picked up the new Febreze Plugs. Sam’s Club always offers great value to its members and these packs of 4 refills and 2 oil warmers are limited edition. They all smell so good!

There’s a scratch and sniff on the outside of the package so you can decide on the scent you’re looking for, and you can choose between¬†Mediterranean Lavender, Linen & Sky, Gain Original Scent, and Hawaiian Aloha.

I chose Mediterranean Lavender and my plans for hosting are already off to a great start!

2. Make Your House Smell Inviting

There’s nothing like walking into someone’s home and feeling like you can get cozy and stay awhile. I believe that the way our senses respond to the environment has a great deal to do with that, so I want to keep my space smelling good!

I love the refreshing aroma of the Mediterranean Lavender Febreze Plug, and with 30% more oil they last for 50 days each *on low setting. This means my house will be smelling good with or without having company in it for up to 6 months! 

One Febreze Plug is equivalent to 4 of the “other guys” plugs. While the “others* fade fast, Febreze lasts 1200 Hours**! And it doesn’t just mask odors. It truly cleans them away!

This means that once it’s plugged in I’m set for a very long time, with one less thing to worry about before I hear that knock on the door.

3. Presence over Perfection

You know that meme that says your house is the cleanest 5 minutes before company comes over? Well in my mind that’s totally me, but in reality some areas are just gonna stay messy when people come over! I would love to wipe down every surface, vacuum so well that the carpet get those steaks in it (haha), and dust ’til my heart’s content before anyone shows up, but that’s not my reality. The truth is, papers pile up, I fall behind on household duties and sometimes I’m too tired to clean up after my kids. AGAIN.¬†

So I’m fighting the perfectionist in me and keeping my doors open even when things aren’t perfect on the inside.

Because it’s worth it to spend time with the people who matter, regardless of what junk might be seated across from them at the table.






* on low setting

** Leading pluggable’s top scents, Nielsen sales 2017.

14 thoughts on “3 Easy Hosting Tips for the Busy Mom

  1. Yes, an inviting home is everything and that includes the smell and not having it look like a scrubbed museum! Love having people over and not worrying about my house looking completely perfect.

  2. It’s so hard to let people see my messy house. You are so right, some areas, like my desk or the part of my family room where the toys are stored, are always a mess. But that’s like!

    1. It’s hard but I’m really working on letting go of perfection to pursue more of what’s messy and real!!



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