God’s Good News: A Book Review

My home is in Heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.

 – Billy Graham

On February 21, 2018, Billy Graham passed away from natural causes in his Montreal, North Carolina home. He was 99 years old. A spiritual giant, it’s no surprise that timeline after timeline was flooded with posts about the impact he made within the Christian community and the world. He preached Jesus to millions and remains one of the foremost pastor’s in America’s history.

Thanks to Front Gate Media, I received a complimentary copy of Rev. Graham’s published children’s book, God’s Good News.

This book is a welcome edition to our collection and a wonderful way to show our little ones the way to the cross as we prayerfully encourage them to seek God with their whole hearts. 

My older girls are 4 and 6, and they both enjoy the book immensely. This didn’t surprise me when it came to my 6 year old who is an avid reader, but my 4 year old loves it too!

She’s at that sweet age where she’s endlessly inquisitive about the world around her, and has countless questions about God.

God’s Good News has been a wonderful tool to help us go deeper into these conversations but in an age-appropriate way.

Rev. Graham put together 60 devotions that come straight from the NKJV of the Bible (Old & New testament), as well as takeaway devotions that are in his own words. The stunning artwork from Scott Whitfield draws us all in as well, and there’s so much awe and wonder in my daughters as we reiterate that the stories we’re reading are true!

In the foreword Billy Graham shares his heart behind this book. He says many things and expresses his desire to see it encourage the reader on their exciting journey with the Lord. 

I believe it does just that, and as I think about the legacy Rev. Graham left behind I am led to pray even more fervently that this journey of faith is one my girls will remain on for the rest of their lives!

What’s one of your favorite Bible-based childrens books?

4 thoughts on “God’s Good News: A Book Review

  1. Seems like this devotional would be perfect for my littles. Right now I have just been doing Jesus Calling with them. But my oldest daughter (7) loves to dig deeper on her own and this would be great for her.

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