One Way I’m Encouraging My School-Aged Daughter to Be Herself

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We moved to a new neighborhood over the summer which meant my daughter would be starting 1st grade at a new school. I always hear about how resilient children are, and while I believe that to be true in most cases I was nervous about the change for her. 

Would the school be a good fit?

How would she like her teacher?

Would she make new friends?

Would she feel confident and comfortable?

These thoughts and more ran through my mind, but the worries and concerns quickly faded. In no time she was raving about her new school, her friends and how much fun she was having while learning.


In the midst of the changes it’s been great for her to express herself through her back to school style. We did lots of shopping at OshKosh B’gosh this year, and couldn’t be happier with what she selected!

I like shopping for my girls at OshKosh B’gosh because of their affordability and age appropriate clothing. I am not in a rush for my daughters to grow up, but I recognize their desire to make their own fashion choices. I feel comfortable with them doing so at OshKosh and love that this year’s #beyourself campaign is encouraging them to embrace who they are with their own personal style!

OshKosh B’gosh
 does a great job of providing items that can be easily mixed and matched. This helps keeps the wardrobe fresh, and their clothes are durable which is fantastic for my very active 
6 yo.

She is all about wearing pieces she can move in, and with the addition of P.E. this year it’s nice for her to have cute and functional options.

Back to school shopping with my oldest is becoming one of my favorite traditions. I get to see more of her personality come out while we spend quality time together and learn more about what makes her uniquely special.

While I always emphasize that what’s inside always matters more than what’s on the outside, it makes me proud to see her blossom as she’s coming into her own.

I love her enthusiastic smile when she feels good in what she’s sporting for the day, and her heart is as big as ever as evidenced by her ensuring her almost school-bound sissy got a shirt too. 🙂 

OshKosh B’gosh also gives back to local communities with The B’gosh Jeanius Campaign which runs thru September 12th. You can read more about how to donate here or find out details when you visit your local store!

I’m glad we got our shopping done, and there’s still time for you to shop with some major savings!

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Have a fabulous week and always be yourself!!





42 thoughts on “One Way I’m Encouraging My School-Aged Daughter to Be Herself

  1. Love this post! Empowering our little ladies is one of the hardest and most rewarding things we can do. Great post! And I LOVE OshKosh B’gosh! Such cute (age appropriate) clothes!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I am now the mom to 3 girls so I’m learning more each day as to how to build them up!! I think this is a good start!



  2. Being originally fro. Wisconsin, we love Oshkosh! Love their jeans, especially overalls. I mean what kind doesn’t look adorable in a pair of denim overalls! Encouraging our girls to make sensible clothing choices now will help them make sensible clothing choices in the future! Great post!

  3. These are all great outfits! I love that you are encouraging your daughter to be herself and express her individuality. I’ll have to check out these clothes for my kids as well.

  4. Love this thoughtful insight on how to help
    Boost girls’ confidence. Just this morning I stood in front of the mirror with my daughter and asked her to describe the person she sees. I asked what she thinks her strength is, her goals and ehat it’s going to take to get her there. Her confident answers surprised me and filled me with pride! While we can’t shop at Osh Kosh much anymore (my little “lady” has outgrown most of their big sizes) it is wonderful that they offer age appropriate styles.

  5. Your daughters are growing into such lovely ladies! I admire that you allow them the freedom to express themselves while ensuring that they remain age appropriate; it seems so many people are in a rush to have their children grow. My favorite thing from OshKosh is their denim. It always hold up through my boys wild tumbling antics.

    1. Thank you so much Aimee!! I’m trying my best to navigate things and taking it day by day. I love their denim too btw!!



  6. I love the positive direction you’re raising your children in. And also the super cute clothes. I have a 4 year old who started preschool and it’s nerve wracking to say the least. I, too, want her to always be herself and never compare herself to others or others to herself. God bless.

  7. We love Osh Kosh! Their leggings are our favorite – the cute prints are so fun! I’m loving the bulldog print they have going on this year

  8. I love the girl’s graphic tees! This style is so comfy and fun. And the picture at the end made me laugh because my 7 year old son is all about the “dab” too !

  9. Love OshKosh! I especially love the graphic tees for my little boy. He loves picking out his own shirts and loves when he gets to wear a cool dinosaur shirt or a monster truck shirt.

  10. I love the osh kosh jeans. My kiddo is tall with a very small waist. The ability to adjust the waist really helps! It’s nice that your school doesn’t require uniforms! I appreciate the individuality with clothing choices too!

  11. I love their jeans for my little girl that have the adjustable waist. She so needs that extra addition for jeans to fit her. I am also loving the Waterfall Tulle Dress. It is so pretty.

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