Mommin’ in Style with the Meggan from Lily Jade

This diaper bag was gifted to me by Lily Jade, but the opinions are completely honest and my own.

Days before I delivered my 3rd daughter last month, I realized I was still missing a few key items off my baby list. One of which was a diaper bag.

When I thought back to the bag I used for my other children I knew I wanted something very different. Don’t get me wrong, it got the job done, but as functional as it was it totally lacked in style. I love purses and bags and thought about how nice it would be to have something that served a purpose while being pretty too. Enter the beautiful, and dare I say, luxurious, Meggan in Brandy and Gold from Lily Jade!

This bag is just what I was looking for! The rich brandy color is so beautiful and totally caught my eye! I receive compliments on it all the time and have to hide it from my mom who has threatened to take it on more than one occasion. Lol. But it’s so much more than that.

As good looking as it is, I know that the excellent quality will make it durable enough to use through the many different stages of motherhood as well.

The Meggan is one of the larger bags offered at Lily Jade, and its roominess comes in handy with 3 kids and my own personal items. 

In addition to having 3 exterior and 3 interior pockets, it comes with the patented Lily Jade LLC 12 pocket organizer. The jade color is such a pretty contrast to the brandy, and fits everything I need!

If you ever get tired of the same look, this bag can be worn three different ways. I’m still trying to figure out my favorite!

Maybe it will depend on the occasion, but there’s no doubt that I can wear it with as much confidence while out with my tiny crew as I would for a girls’ night on the town. This is nice because in spite of my frumpy days (which I have plenty of), the Meggan reminds me that I can be fabulous too!

Sometimes it’s the little things that put a pep in your step, and for me it’s nice to feel more put together than I actually am, haha, and this sure helps!

What do you look for in a diaper bag?

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