A Healthy Food Option For Your Picky Eater

Every pregnancy is different. Every baby is different. Every child is different. 

These are things we hear as moms and expecting moms, and while true, it doesn’t necessarily sink in until it’s experienced. At least for me it didn’t until my second precious daughter came along.

My dear Lily has done her best to make a distinction from her big sister since day 1! 

Her sister was born before her due date, Lily was born a day late. Her sister was very active during the day but slept like a champ at night, whereas Lily was incredibly mellow during the day and sleep was definitely NOT in her vocabulary. Her sister has always been pretty good about eating and trying a mix of fruits and vegetables, and that Lily isn’t having it!! HA! 

She will eat fruit (not all of them) and not touch a single vegetable, and (like her father I’m told) boycott most everything that’s placed in front of her during mealtime. It’s frustrating to say the least, but this mama has options with the help of Happy Baby’s Clearly Crafted™ Pouches!

When Lily hit that terrific 2 years old I became very focused on encouraging her to eat more “real” food. It was wishful thinking but I hoped that something would magically click and all these healthy foods she rejected in the past would suddenly appeal to her.

Of course that’s not the way the story goes, lol, but I am happy that Happy Baby’s Clearly Crafted™ Pouches gives me an option I can feel good about. 

These pouches are organic and packed with tasty blends of trustworthy ingredients. That might not seem so new, but what really sets these apart is the Happy Family Brands commitment to transparency! 

They have nothing to hide about what they prepare for our babies and toddlers, and they want you to know that too!

Whether it’s on the way to gymnastics class or an after nap snack, I’m so happy that Lily enjoys these Clearly Crafted™ Pouches.

She chooses her preference and finishes every drop, all the while she’s oblivious to the fact that this is truly a mommy win!!

The health and happiness of my children is my primary focus, and because of honest and delicious mixes of everything from apples, beets, guava and kale, I know my little one is getting more of what she needs! 

To me, #thisishappy!!!

Do you have any food challenges with your baby or toddler? Check your local Walmart to try these for yourself, and click here to save $1 off of 3 Happy Baby’s Clearly Crafted™ Pouches.

Be sure to let me know what you think!!

18 thoughts on “A Healthy Food Option For Your Picky Eater

  1. Yummy!! Luckily my daughter will eat pretty much anything I put in front of her! She’s a champ! But I do love quick and easy snacks on the go. I’ll check these out.

  2. She’s so darn cute! 🙂 Oh, and I LOVE happy baby pouches — even more so now that they’re clear! And OMG Walmart has them for THAT CHEAP!?! Gahhhhh!!!

  3. These look so good and healthy, a total win, win! Thank you for the coupon too!
    I love how she kept staring and smiling on our FT.
    Love you guys!
    xo, Nicole

    1. I love how practical these are and that we finally found something she actually likes!! It was so good seeing your face too!!! 🙂

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