A Mother’s Day Gift + Giveaway With IncrediBundles

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Is it just me or have all the holidays snuck up on us this year?

Either way it goes, I’m very excited to celebrate this special day, not just for myself but for all the wonderful mothers I know! 

I am truly blessed to have THE BEST mother in the WORLD, and I am surrounded by so many beautiful and encouraging maternal figures in my life. I am also rejoicing with the mama’s to be, and am excited for anyone who may be celebrating this special occasion for the first time!

Everyone seems to get a bit frantic about finding the right gift for that special lady in their life, and whether you are still looking for something suited for that new mom, your sister, a co-worker or a friend, IncrediBundles has options for everyone!!

Incredibundles offers a line of incredible (ya see what I did there, lol) baby essentials and products that cover any parents wants or needs. In addition to the pampering (whether real or imagined), and pretty things (hint, hint hubby!), I love to think of what’s practical!! Those are the gifts that truly keep on giving!

This is a re-usable storage box!

Do you know a mom who is short on diapers? Looking to build their library of children’s books? Searching for organic items to add to their nursery or crib? You can select a pre-made one-time bundle, or a years worth of select items such as diapers, books and the best mix of sensory and educational toysYou can even create a custom bundle which is exactly what I did!

High up on my Mother’s Day wish list would be to have my daughters play together without fighting for a whole 15 minutes. Seriously!! So I selected items that were age-specific (yes, they have preschool-aged options!), but that I believed they would both enjoy. 

My youngest immediately gravitated towards the Peter Rabbit book and stuffed animal, while my 5 year old honed in on the bouncy ball and Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold. By the end of the evening they’d rotated everything several times, and it was a joy for me to see them peacefully interact.

I love a place with a variety of items to choose from, and IncrediBundles is going to make a lot of mommy’s happy this year!!

I’ve enjoyed our box so much that I’ve partnered with them to give one lucky winner $50 credit to use for their shopping needs!

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What would you like for Mother’s Day??






Please note: If Mother’s Day is difficult for you due to loss, being in a season of waiting, or something else, please know that I’m praying for you and you are loved!

46 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Gift + Giveaway With IncrediBundles

  1. For mothers Day I want 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!!!!! I love the idea of these boxes. Perfect for tired mamas who can’t come up with gift ideas.

  2. I love this idea of the perfect gift package. I always love giving a few small items when giving gifts. I would make great use of this store. Thanks for sharing.
    I am following on IG (gmathew1220).

  3. I love that you can customize your bundles but the ease of pre-made bundles is what I need these days. I like the idea of a sensory toy gift! (IG she_land)

  4. These bundles are awesome!! What a great gift to give for any occasion and I agree that a few minutes of quiet while they play is a huge blessing!

  5. A great gift idea! I know this momma would love a little less yelling and a lot more sharing for Mother’s day. So outside of me not having to cook that day, this looks like another great gift idea to let my hubby know about.

  6. I’ve never heard of this company ! Sounds awesome I going to check them out 🙂 my son LOVES that melissa and Doug play dough set, we use it daily !

    1. My girls are having a blast with it!!

      Blessings to you Natalie. Thanks for stopping by!!


  7. Thanks for the idea!! Might be a nice option to break up all my kiddos being home the summer with new activity.

  8. This is so awesome!!!! Something to use for your own kiddos and something you can share with others. Thanks for sharing. Happy early Mothers Day to you.

  9. I have been seeing these bundles all over the Internet lately–I LOVE the options available. <3

    For Mother's Day, I am hoping for a nature walk and maybe a picnic. I am so glad spring weather has arrived!!

  10. I haven’t seen this brand before, but what a great gift for any new mother! The box it comes in is absolutely adorable and the items are so great to have as a new Mama.

  11. Love the idea of being able to select items and send to someone, especially a new mom. The presentation is amazing and keepsake box is like a gift that keeps on giving. ❤️

    1. Customizing anything is my jam, which is one of the reasons why we love this as an option!!

      Blessings to you!


  12. What a great idea! I love all these subscription bundles people are coming up with. Makes life easier!!

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