A Memorable Evening with Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment

I received complimentary tickets from Feld Entertainment., Inc, in exchange for a review. As always, the opinions shared here are 100% honest and my own.

My family and I just enjoyed a wonderful night out. We went to Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment, and had the best time!! Due to his work schedule, my husband and I rarely have a family night out during the week, and we couldn’t wait to see how our daughter’s reacted to the show.

Truth be told, we were just as giddy and excited as they were, and it did not disappoint!

That day was a pretty crazy one with a tornado warning and heavy rain. Thankfully the downpour eased up as we made our way to the Columbus Civic Center. The atmosphere completely changed with the presence of Disney-loving adults and children!

As I mentioned in my previous post, my oldest and I went to a Disney on Ice performance when she was about 2/2 & a half years old. I was pregnant with her little sister at the time, and it was very surreal to be at this performance with both girls pumped with adrenaline and wonder of what was to come.

They ‘oooh’d & awww’d’ over everything, and gushed over all the other children who were specially dressed for the occasion.

We let them each choose one toy to commemorate the night, and to my surprise they selected Jessie and Buzz Lightyear. I don’t recall them seeing Toy Story, but clearly they were familiar with the characters. This was perfect because once Mickey and Minnie Mouse got the show started, it was the cast of Toy Story  that really kicked things off!

It was hilarious and funny seeing a giant T-Rex and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head on ice skates! The toy soldiers were neat and hearing the familiar tune of “You’ve Got a Friend in me really pulled it all together!

I never saw Toy Story 3 (probably because I was told I would cry, lol) which is what this segment was based on, so I was enjoying watching the plot unfold. I don’t know how it was in the movie but Barbie was a major player! I’m now seeing her in a whole new light!

From there it was all about Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and Prince Eric!

The Little Mermaid was all that my nostalgic dreams were made of, with the brightest and most colorful costumes and fun dance routines! I was singing at the top of my lungs, but so was everyone else around me so it was ok.

After a brief intermission Mickey and Minnie Mouse found themselves with a broken down vehicle. Thankfully the Disney•Pixar’s Cars crew saved the day!! It was a riot seeing these cars on ice, and I really want to drive one!!

Last, but never, ever least, the beloved characters of Disney’s Frozen wowed us all! It was clear that these sisters (and Olaf) were the crowd favorites. The energy in the Civic Center exploded and it was an incredible finale!!

I had to laugh though, because my youngest is faithful to her favorite Princess Anna. As the crowd was captivated by the grace and flair of an ice skating Elsa singing “Let It Go”, my Lily kept asking when Anna was going to come back!

Hey, she knows what she likes!

Needless to say, this was a night to remember. I’m certain my girls (and I) will be talking about our wonderful experience for days to come, and if Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment is heading your way, be sure to check it out!!

33 thoughts on “A Memorable Evening with Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment

  1. I love Disney, and I love Disney On Ice! It looks like a great show. My daughter would love it as well. I haven’t been tone since we saw Finding Nemo On Ice.

  2. Such lovely photos. Thanks again for hosting the giveaway. We belly laughed and smiled so hard our cheeks hurt. Michael even joined in on the fun with a floppy ear Mickey hat. It was a night we will never forget!!!

    1. That warms my heart!!! I love hearing this and am so happy you all had a great time. So did we!!!


  3. So glad y’all had a great experience! I can’t wait until my boys get a little bit older so we can enjoy a show. I know they’ll love it!!

    1. Frozen is amazing!!! I’m sure she loved it!! Thanks for stopping by Corey!!
      Blessings to you,

  4. I want to take my son to Disney on Ice just for me… hah! He’s a little young to really appreciate what’s going on, but I would love it. Great photos!

  5. Love the picture of your daughter with the awe of wonder in her eyes!
    I too am a ministers wife (well, about to graduate college) – so excited to see other Christian mommy blogs!

  6. Oh my gosh, it sounds like you guys had a blast! I love all the photos. I’m going to see if it’s coming to my state any time soon. Parker would love it!

  7. So much fun! Disney on Ice is one of my absolute favourite shows to go to, it just makes you feel like a child! I went a couple of months ago and I took my niece and nephew.

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