I’m 5 Now!

My Dearest Alexandra,

It’s been a couple weeks but I still can’t believe you’re 5! This is a major milestone to me, and it seems to be significant for you as well. 

I’ve heard you enthusiastically exclaim “I’m 5 now!” to anyone with ears to hear. Whether it be friends, family or strangers, you’re proud to be this age and you want everyone to know it.

I’ve witnessed such a change in you, and it blows my mind.

You like wearing your hair down now, and insist on brushing it yourself. 

You’ve tried to convince me that 5 year olds take showers, not baths, and you certainly don’t need my help.

You check the tags on all your clothes for the number 5, and roll your eyes if you see a dreaded 4.

You’re already in the process of planning your 6th birthday party (Elena of Avalor, last I checked).

And you gave your daddy his first heartache when you casually told us about your handsome classmate who says your beautiful and wants to marry you.

Just yesterday you informed me that I don’t know everything because “only God knows everything”. To which I replied that you were correct, BUT I still know more than you because I’m your mother and I’m grown.

And when you told me you wanted to be a grown-up too, I said what generations of parents have stated before me,

Don’t be in a rush to grow-up my darling. Enjoy being a kid. You’re not there yet. 

I don’t know what it is sweet girl, but when I look at you these days it takes next to nothing for the tears to well up in my eyes.

It happens when I drop you off for Pre-K in the mornings and see you with your backpack on, walking down the hall to class.

It happens when I listen to you practicing numbers and letters with your little sister. Teaching her things and translating for her when she says words I don’t understand.

It happens when you break into a giant grin in the mirror, because you feel confident in the outfit you’ve picked out to wear.

And it happens, most of all, when you come hug for no reason. You tell me that you love me and you simply want to feel my beating heart.

Alexandra, you dream big, you cry hard, and you love so intensely.

You’ve changed my life from the moment I knew you were forming in my womband with each passing day, you change me still.

My firstborn, my big girl, you will always be my baby. I am blessed to always be your mama, and that’s the gift you give to me each year.









13 thoughts on “I’m 5 Now!

  1. This is so beautiful! I love how heartfelt it is and how you are sharing your heart with your daughter. I know when she gets older she will love reading your letters to her. You have inspired me to do the same for my girls. They grow up so fast and this way we can both treasure the moment we’re in.

  2. Awe this made me get all teary eyed! Your fierce love for her is obvious. And what a sweet girl. My boy turns 5 this year too. And this made me get all the feels.

  3. The tearing up at each and every moment & milestone I couldn’t agree with you more. These days are fleeting and pulling on my heart strings as I know you can completely understand! Absolutely beautiful mama! ❤️

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