Small Shop Spotlight: LuLaRoe Summer Pierce

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Small Shop Spotlight feature, but it’s one of my greatest pleasures to shine the light on mamas, makers, women, creators, business owners and superstars, who are pursuing their passions and following their dreams!

Summer Pierce is on the blog today, and she gets the credit of providing me with my first LuLaRoe experience! I know, I know. I’m so late but hey, I finally got with the program! 

This extraordinary woman is a wonderful friend, and I’m so proud of all she’s accomplishing and in awe of what the Lord has done! Here are some thoughts from Summer herself.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself (family, interests, hobbies, etc).

I am a mom of 3, 4 and under. Eden Grace is 4, Genesis is 2 and James is 1. I’m still often in awe that I have children! It all happened so fast!

Photo Courtesy of Summer Pierce

I married my husband Mark in 2010. He is a great guy. He loves the Lord, he never gives up on anything and has traveled this country with me on this wild and crazy life adventure!

I love getting outdoors and love living in Florida where any day I can decide that it’s a great day for the beach. My customers often joke about my clothing in my live videos because I’m always dressed for the summer time. HA! I totally have found a home!

I love Jesus, walking on long exercise walks and LuLaRoe. My business has changed my life! I have met amazing women, I get to share amazing clothing and bless and strengthen lives everyday. It is my passion and I’m so grateful!

2. When did you onboard with LuLaRoe and why?

I onboarded with LuLaRoe on July 15th of 2016. I waited in the queue for about 9 weeks and I’m so  grateful for that. It’s a time to learn, grow, prepare and stretch!

I decided to take this journey because my family had gone through one the toughest years of our lives. We moved back from the East coast to the West for a job in San Jose, CA. I was pregnant with my 3rd and by the time I actually got on the plane to move, I was 34 weeks pregnant!

Once we arrived in California, doors began shutting. We couldn’t get housing, and lived in a hotel for 5 months. I had to take my newborn back to our hotel room! I was scared every single day!

My husband lost his job 3 weeks after little James was born. I gave it another 10 weeks and then last February, (Super bowl weekend), I got on a red eye with my children and left my husband at the airport. We were headed back to Florida!

My husband stayed behind to work the job he had taken to get us by. Serious crisis mode. I prayed and prayed and prayed some more. I needed something that I could do to contribute to our home. No matter what happened with my husband’s job or jobs, I knew it was time for me to help out.

At the end of April 2016 I was added to someone’s VIP shopping group. I had no idea what this was, so I looked into it and immediately knew somehow, someway I needed to be doing that. This was it! This was the way that I was going to be able to stay home with my children AND work and contribute!

I found a way, I took a huge financial risk but I knew doing nothing was going to be the greater risk. I have not regretted it once! I absolutely love everything about the company; the culture, the leaders, Deanne and Mark (the founders) and of course the women! I had no idea the community that was headed my way. It has changed my life, and now I am able to contribute to our bills, our rent, reinvest each month and pay down on my investment! GOD IS GOOD!

3. What or who inspires you?

I am learning a lot from reading books by great leaders and watching great leaders in my company. They all have one thing in common:

They never quit, they don’t give up.

No matter what, they keep at it. They keep trying. Failure, hard times, slow times, awkward times, they keep at it. They push through, demanding they achieve the level of accomplishment that they want, no matter how long it takes. That is what is inspiring me these days!

4. What’s the best part about running your own business?

The best part of running my own business is definitely scheduling everything around my kids. I do not have baby sitters (although it would be a good idea), and I don’t have a house cleaner (an excellent idea, lol), but I get to work around my life! I DID NOT want to leave my babies!

It has been the special prayer of my heart since my oldest was first born. I just knew, like everything else, that God would make a way. And HE really has. I work ALL the time! I tell people this is like a Chess game. You are always thinking of your next move, your next post, getting a spot in the next vendor event, your next VIP sale, giveaway,etc. And then spending time chatting and sharing with all of my LuLa sisters! It’s all amazing but ultimately, as a free spirited crazy New Yorker, the best part of running my own business is making my own rules!

5. Do you have a favorite item (don’t worry, we won’t tell the others 😉)?

This depends on the week you are asking! LOL!! I love, love, love my Classic T’s! Those were a complete shocker to me. I didn’t think this sweet little t-shirt could make me so happy! I wear Classics with leggings because they have that longer back and it’s just enough coverage. Throw a Sarah or jean jacket and some boots on and you have a killer outfit!! I also LOVE the Maxi skirt, because it’s so original LuLaRoe and it gives me a bohemian feel that I just adore! Needless to say, the leggings are my best friends. They are truly awesome and I love them so! 

I am so excited to see where Summer’s business takes her! Join her VIP Facebook group to stay up to date with her incredible inventory, and for style inspiration and pics of some awfully cute kids, follow her on Instagram too! 

Have you tried LLR? What’s your favorite item?

Visit my Instagram for your chance to win a Carly dress and enjoy some happy shopping!

I received this dress in exchange for an honest review. I would never share it if I didn’t truly love it!





64 thoughts on “Small Shop Spotlight: LuLaRoe Summer Pierce

  1. I have heard about the company and m .mothers best friend lives for the legging. I have wanted to order some of the leggings and other clothing.

    1. Thank you Lauren! I’d heard about it for sooooo long before I finally tried anything, but I’m so glad I did!


  2. First of all, joined your VIP page, because I have to. I love LLR so much, it’s ridiculous, as I type this wearing LLR Jordan leggings. You did take a huge financial risk, I know, I’ve looked into it, but I’m so glad that it’s paid off! I hope you continue to kick butt and take names!

  3. I am totally in the dark when it comes to LulaRoe, but now I feel like I understand it way more. You look great Patty and I am so glad this has given women like Summer a chance to be at home with her babies.
    xo, Nicole

  4. Love that Carly on you! Living in So Cal, LLR has exploded around here, and I have loved the softness of the leggings and fun, flexible feel of all the pieces. Some of them even work with my pregnant belly (yay!) – would love to win a Carly!

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