Why Being A Girl Is Awesome

When do your children return to school? My preschooler doesn’t go back until next week, and while a few of the days have felt extraaaaaa looooong, lol, I’ve been experiencing the greatest joy in watching my daughters interact. 

Lily is fiesty as ever and most certainly a terrific two 😬, and my Alex seems so mature!!

They keep growing up on me and as much as I protest they don’t listen! Ha!

This age yields lots of matching outfits (I will hold on to the twinning for as long as I can), and our days are chalk full of interesting conversations.  

Inspired by these adorable and empowering dresses from Princess Awesome, tonight’s bedtime discussion was fueled by the question “What makes girls so awesome?”. Here’s what my 4 year old had to say!

Disclaimer: These dresses were received free for my review, but my love for them is completely genuine!

Me: Hey Alex I think being a girl is awesome! Do you agree?

Alex: Yeah….

Me: Why?

Alex: Because it’s very exciting! Because girls love their friends and family and cousins, and the girls have play dates together and eat together sometimes. 

Me: That sounds fun, What else?

Alex: Well, ummm, girls can also eat by themselves and put their clothes on and shoes and socks by themselves. And they go potty by theirselves. That’s all I think about!

Me: Ok, let me ask you another question. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Alex: I want to be a doctor with Ripley (her best gal pal) because I want to help people.

Me: That’s great Alex! And do you know you can do anything? With God all things are possible, Alex.

Alex: Uh, yeah!

Meanwhile Lily is in the background saying “me talk, me talk”. “Baby girl! Baby girl! Wear pink! Wear Purple!”

Alex: I like to play and read books and have fun cleaning up. I like to spend time watching T.V. with mommy and daddy and spending time with them playing and hanging out with them.

This is where Lily spills her milk and yells out “OH NO!!!” 

Alex: I like to play with the Hungry Hippo game (she proceeds to explain the rules of the game in great detail). I also like to play outside and get the tiny blueberries off the bushes (not blueberries, lol) and put them in the crack of the sidewalk and run and run and run back and forth.

Me: That all sounds awesome Alex!

Alex: Do you know we love sisters and friends and family and cousins? Being a girl is awesome!

Well there you have it! 

These two girls are clearly my rays of sunshine. More than anything I want their confidence to grow as they mature into the dynamic women God created them to be!

I also have to take a moment to brag about these incredible dresses. In between putting berries in the cracks of the sidewalk, playing ball and coloring, Alex and Lily were twirling away! And with rockets on their dresses no less!!

Princess Awesome makes clothes to reflect a wide range of girls’ interests, including trains, dinosaurs, science, cars, dragons, robots and more!

From now until January 18th you can save 20% off their store using code ‘ministermom20’!

Visit Princess Awesome on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss a thing.

 Remember, YOU ARE AWESOME!! 😊








42 thoughts on “Why Being A Girl Is Awesome

  1. Oh my I think I’m in love with your daughters how precious and smart? And I do think girls are all about girls dates. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. -Jocelyne from resonatecreations.com

  2. How utterly adorable are your girls?! Yes, being a girl is most certainly awesome. 🙂 Our kids go back to school next Monday too – I’ve really enjoyed having them home over the holidays and it’ll be a little bit sad to send them off to school again! Gorgeous dresses these, too, super giveaway!

  3. Awwww! Your girls are absolutely precious! And those dresses are just too cute! And yes to girls knowing all things are possible with God!

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