What Motherhood Means To…Angela

Live. Laugh. Love. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties and after my mother passed away that I heard those three words together. I was going through her jewelry box and found a small silver pendant made of those sweet words. It became my motto, for lack of a better word. Ten years later I became a mother of triplets. Those three words became even more important. They are what motherhood means to me.


Did I live before I had my children? Of course. It seems as if I have lived two lives, though – before and after triplets. Before, I lived my life as any other – going through the day to day motions. After, I live like there is no tomorrow. I live to appreciate the little moments. My babies no longer need my help walking downstairs, but when they ask for my hand I am overjoyed to oblige. I used to mourn over the fact that they needed me less and less each day. Life is too short for worry, regret, or sadness. Motherhood means to live.

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Life is funny, isn’t it? Add three babies (now toddlers) into the mix and life is hilarious. Our life is chaotic. It’s a mess. Even on those hard, long, and trying days when all I want to do is open the door and run away, I find a reason to laugh. Henley is crying because I left the room. I laugh instead of cry from frustration. It makes her laugh too. Jase is upset because his graham cracker broke. I laugh instead of questioning his unhappiness. It makes him laugh too. Sadie screams because she can’t figure out the game she’s playing. I laugh instead of scolding her for screaming. It makes her laugh too. Motherhood means to laugh.

Photo Courtesy of Angela Fry


Love is of the utmost importance to me. What is life without love? What is motherhood without love? An indescribable love for not only my babies, but for myself as well. I love myself because of them. Their love for me is absolutely unconditional despite my flaws and weaknesses. I’m learning to love myself as a mother of triplets, even though there are dark circles under my eyes and I didn’t get a chance to shower yesterday…or today. Every single day, my children will know they are loved beyond measure. With all the love I can possibly give, I will fight to give them the life they deserve because they have made my life wonderful beyond my wildest dreams. Motherhood means to love.

Photo Courtesy of Angela Fry

I’m living each day to the fullest. I’m laughing every.single.day. And I’m loving more than ever since becoming a mom. What does motherhood mean to you?

Photo Courtesy of Angela Fry

Angela is the mother of 3-year-old triplets Jase, Henley, and Sadie. She spends her days loving and sometimes loathing the experience of raising triplets. When she’s not chasing three toddlers you can find her blogging at The Triplet Farm and drinking an entire pot of coffee in one day.

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