Shopping Made Simple with Groupon Goods!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

Raise your hand if you LOVE shopping with kids?! No, not you? Well neither do I! Hahaha! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some girl time with my cuties, but going to a bunch of stores with the little ones in tow is sometimes more challenging than what it’s worth. I mean, a donut can’t solve every problem.😉

Fringe dresses and Donut tee: Moots Clothing

Either that or I’m just lazy, lol, but I think convenience is right up there with sleep in my love language department. Add great discounts to that convenience, and you’ll understand why I’m ecstatic about Groupon Goods!

Not only can I search the site for deals off restaurants, travel and daily activities, I can do everyday shopping too!

Name the category, and they’ve got you covered. From accessories to health and beauty, clothes, electronics and more, Groupon Goods is a time and money saver. It’s been a go-to for my Christmas shopping, and for once I’m actually getting an early start with my list! In addition, we have lots of birthdays to celebrate in our family and I appreciate that they often have deals on top of the already great prices.



From batteries to books and so much more, Groupon Goods will remain a personal shopping staple. Some days, ok, most days, being able to shop from the comfort of my own home is incredibly appealing. Donuts help I always win bonus points with my hubby for the money I save. 😉

Have you used them yet? Let me know if you discover any great finds! Happy shopping!!






10 thoughts on “Shopping Made Simple with Groupon Goods!

  1. Oh how I remember those days! I remember telling Brooke…”You are going to love shopping!” As she fidgeted and squirmed in her stroller as I had to try on something for an event that I had to go to. I also remember turning around to see an empty car seat in the back seat and silently thinking YES!!!! LOL. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved time with my baby. But I think there are those moments when you feel elated to just go to the bathroom by yourself! Shopping? Well, lets throw a party!! Now that my baby is married and I cherish our shopping experiences… I remember those difficult days of being a young mom without a lot of help. I know your husband is different, but mine seemed to feel that he was “babysitting” his OWN kids!
    Sooo shopping on line would have been amazing!
    Young mother’s now days have so much more than we did.
    We did have disposable diapers but if you opened a diaper to look inside you had no way to tape it back up!
    Winding up a swing was so loud, you could never keep winding it to keep a baby sleeping! (no battery operated ones back then!)
    They hadn’t come up with the stroller seat/ baby carrier so you had to wake up your sleeping baby getting them in and out of their car seat into their stroller!
    And there wasn’t a shade on the carriers so we would drape a receiving blanket across the handle trying to keep the sign away from our baby’s eyes! I could go on and on!
    So many great things have arrived since my young mom days… including Groupons!
    Great post! You always send me down memory lane!
    I love your mother’s heart! I read most of your posts. I just don’t always comment because like now… I am at work and I have to sign in to post this… but love every one I read!

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