I Will Always Love You More…

My Dear Alexandra,

As we sat around the table enjoying breakfast on Sunday morning, you told me that you were so happy you woke up a 4 year old. We did some serious celebrating the day before, and I was glad to see that you were still beaming with joy.


As you licked your sticky apple fritter fingers, I marveled at your beauty while being mesmerized by your wit. Ahhh, sweet girl. As bittersweet as your birthdays are, I’m so glad that you not only woke up a 4 year old, but that you woke up my daughter.

You’re spunky and smart, and from age 3 to 4 you seem to have blossomed overnight. Our conversations never disappoint, and I take full advantage of those rare moments that you allow me to hold you close. I have each detail of your face memorized but that doesn’t stop me from staring whenever I have the chance. I love reading to you at night, and even when I’m exhausted my heart bubbles over with glee when you reach out and hold my hand. 

I could say so much, sweet darling, but it still wouldn’t be enough. I hope that one day you’ll understand how you’ve forever changed my life.

‘Love You More’ are the words on your shirt and they barely scratch the surface of the depths of my love for you.

I do love you more. I will always love you more. More than myself, and more than words can express. At 4, 14, 40 and beyond, Alexandra, precious girl, never, ever forget your mama’s love. ❤️




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4 thoughts on “I Will Always Love You More…

  1. I love this! You summed up a mothers love and feelings perfectly! She is such a precious girl! Both your girls are ❤️

  2. Happy Birthday to Alexandra!
    Is it today?!
    My baby’s is today too!
    Brookie woke up a 28 year old and she was kind of gloomy about it! Funny what a couple dozen years can do!
    I told her that this was the last time she’d celebrate her birthday as an unmarried lady and I thought she’d laugh but even though we were on the phone (the first time in 28 years I haven’t been with her on her birthday!) I could tell she was sticking out her lip. And then… she sent me a picture of herself feeding a giraffe and I sent her back a message that I felt blessed that she was so blessed that she was sharing her day with the man she was going to marry soon who took her to the Santa Barbara zoo because he knew where she’d want to be!
    Oh my sweet Mama of Precious FOUR YEAR old Alexandra… LOL… Enjoy it all. If I could have only known – I might have capsulized more moments. Because they go by so darn fast. I can’t believe I am planning her wedding in June!
    How did we not know our daughters shared the same birthday? Or did we? I have such a FLAKY memory lately.
    I am so glad I came home and was not out and about so that I could really read this.You know you are one of my favorite friends that I have made here.
    Remember what you were doing four years ago today? JUST becoming a mama! I remember 28 years ago so clearly too! There should be some kind of salutation for us mamas don’t ya think?

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