Small Shop Spotlight: Saltwater Kittens

It’s a beautiful day here, and for today’s Small Shop Spotlight I’m excited to have you all meet the incredibly creative and talented owner of Saltwater Kittens, Jeska!

Photo courtesy of Jeska, owner of Saltwater Kittens


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I am a thirty (in July!), flirty and thriving #girlboss who simultaneously rocks the graphic design scene and my daughter to sleep. Hailing from TN you’ll often find me gallivanting through the Smokies with my Grizzly-Adams-esque husband and spitfire of a baby in tow. I’m a firm believer in no-work-weekends, the magic of a cup of coffee and the transforming power of Christ.

2. When did you open your shop and why?

I opened in October of 2015. I’ve been doing graphic design as a hobby for over ten years after dropping out of art school. Mainly, my goal in opening the shop was to help our family’s financial situation. I’ll save you the sob story, but we’re a one-income family and after moving across the country, we hit a HUGE rough spot and now we laugh about when we first got married and we thought we were “poor” then. Ha! But it’s actually been a great thing for me and my heart to see a positive response to something I create — it’s very validating. And my husband’s very supportive and so we’ve been able to grow closer, something I really wouldn’t have thought would be a product of starting a business!

3. I enjoyed reading the story behind the name Saltwater Kittens. I think you have an awesome sense of humor! Where/who do you get it from?

Oh lord, that’s a hard one to answer! My dad’s pretty funny.. but I’ve always had a pretty decent sense of humor and comedic delivery. I remember as a kid always trying to make people laugh and, if I can say so without sounding all narcissistic, I have a fantastic sense of wit. That I think goes back to my mom being a librarian and so almost every day after school from kindergarten on, I was reading books until it was dark and she was finished with work.


‘Nope Pad’ available at


4. What’s your favorite part about being a small shop owner? Can you share a little bit about your creative process?

Probably knowing that people I don’t know, in places I’ve never seen or visited, in their special places of their homes, are displaying something I’ve created. That literally just blows my mind. It’s very humbling and I’m honored with every purchase as cheesy as that sounds. People work hard for their money and it means a lot that they choose to shop small with me instead of go to Target or something. The creative process is such a weird thing to think about haha.. Some days I just sit at my desk and kinda sketch things out or check my inspiration folder on my computer of things I’ve saved (quotes or pictures — not like stealing someone’s art or designs, just to clarify. that’s a no-no!) but a lot of times, ideas come just as I’m about to fall asleep and I pray to God that they’ll still be in my head in the morning. Usually still are! Otherwise, I make something for specific people in my head and trying to create something for someone you love based on their tastes and interests is really fun. It makes sure that my heart stays in my work.


5. Do have a favorite print (don’t worry, we won’t tell the others😉)?
5. I love the Babe Lincoln one right now. My best friend of eleven years LOVES Abey-baby and I made it for her as a birthday present. I haven’t seen her since my wedding three years ago and the heartache is REAL and so anything that makes me think of her and smile I love. It’s either that print or the Bonne Nuit with the moon — that was one of the ideas to come as I was falling asleep and I loved seeing how it came together. 😄

Print available at

I am a huge fan of Jeska and her work, and with a plethora of options, her prints can add a very special something to a favorite space in your home.

In addition to the prints, she has a shop for some pretty awesome apparel too!! You can check them out here, and follow her on Instagram for all the latest news, freebies, discounts and more!


Thanks for reading friends and remember,




*All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I was not paid for this endorsement.*

7 thoughts on “Small Shop Spotlight: Saltwater Kittens

  1. Oh my gosh! Her prints are so fun and beautifully done! I love the “babe” Lincoln one! Ha ha! I came over from IG and am so happy I did! God bless you both! -Stephanie @isurrenderall4u

  2. Hi! i just want to say that i’ve just exposed the print to one of my closest friend that is an illustrator for books for children most of all and he really likes that.. It is very nice and simply 🙂 very good! lotta love

  3. Hi! I just want to say that i’ve just exposed the print to one of my closest friend that is an illustrator for books for children most of all and he really likes that! very nice and simply, yay!! Lotta love 🙂

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