Grace For the Guilty Mom


I’m sharing a guest piece on mom guilt over at Mom of 11 Kids today! 

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I still remember that day vividly. It was a couple months ago and I was packing for a work conference and feeling stressed. You, like mommy, woke up a ‘grumpadump’ as we like to call it, and nothing, I mean nothing would please you. Finally I hit my limit, and the next time you whined I let out a roar. A crazy, loud, harsh, and devastating roar. You burst into tears because mommy had lost it, and I burst into tears because in that moment I had failed you as parent. The rest of the day I was silent, reflective, and wracked with guilt. The following day the guilt lingered, and on to the next day and for days and weeks to come. By this time the guilt had shifted away from that particular incident, and onto a myriad of other moments of my perceived failure.

I’ve been guilty of letting you watch too much T.V. Then there was that time I forgot to give you a vegetable at dinner. I wasn’t really paying attention to the last story you told me, and the other night I really, really needed a break from you or your sissy touching me. I know you can hear the impatience in my voice too often, and I never feel like I spend enough quality time with you.

The list goes on and on, and it seems the aches and pains of mom guilt never subside. The day-to-day regrets cloud our minds, and the ‘shoulda woulda coulda’s’ begin to loom larger than the ‘happily present and in the moment’ thoughts. Mom guilt has a way of seeping into every crevice of our parenting decisions, but the truth ladies, is that it’s time to revisit the Frozen soundtrack and make the decision to….

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