I Confess…I Don’t Always Act Like the Wife You Deserve

To love at all is to be vulnerable. ~ C.S. Lewis

The truth can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when it’s an ugly truth that’s staring back at you from the mirror. As I kick off a new series entitled ‘I Confess’, I start things off with a letter to my husband. Marriage has taught me a number of things and I will always be learning, but nothing has been more clear than the fact that I’m a selfish, selfish sinner, saved only by His grace!


To the one who holds my heart,

You are a wonderful man, but I don’t tell you this enough. I admit that it’s easier for me to pinpoint and focus on the quirks that annoy, rather than magnify and celebrate all your wonderful ways.

I confess that I can be moody and resist the efforts you make to snap me out of it.

I confess that it’s difficult to put your needs before mine, especially when I really want my way.

I confess that I’ve used my words as weapons far too many times.

I confess I need to be more liberal with my praise and focus more on building you up.

I confess that I don’t always know how to stop and let things go.

I confess that I have a knack for making a mountain out of a mole hill. 

I confess that I have a ton of room to grow.

I confess that the list goes on and on…

Oh my darling!

I have been selfish over and over again. I have frustrated you and shown my ugly side repeatedly. I have been wrong more times than I’d like to admit, and I’ve hurt you along the way.

But let me tell you this.

You have my heart now and you always will.

You are a marvelous reflection of God’s love in my life.

You are the man I want to be by my side.

You are absolutely and unequivocally God’s best for me.

Saying yes to you was the smartest decision I’ve ever made, and being wrapped up in your arms is the best feeling in the world.

You and I will walk hand in hand in this life, sometimes failing miserably and other times getting it right, but together, with Christ, there is so much to look forward to.

Dear husband, my husband, I confess that I will never be perfect, and it won’t always be pretty, but I will never, ever stop trying to be the wife you deserve.



11 thoughts on “I Confess…I Don’t Always Act Like the Wife You Deserve

  1. Beautiful. I say live and love hard and always put you two first above others. That doesn’t mean being selfish and not being with others, but keep that love burning. It always takes 2. You two!

  2. Beautiful – if we accept each others imperfections then we will see each others perfections (I hope I got that right!) I used to tell Tom, I was thankful that I had him to disagree with!! 🙂 It sounds like you have a good solid marriage. You are a beautiful family!

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