The Tea That Brought Me to Tears

Saturday was a really hard day. I had high hopes of eating all my daughter’s candy after watching her frolick around as the best sheriff in town at a local church event.


It was supposed to be a great family night. It was supposed to be fun, fun, fun.  It was supposed to be a number of things, but was instead a day that left me feeling like a failure in every possible way. 

I had been a terrible communicator with my husband, giving more attitude and moodiness, than actual words and requests. I was a mama with absolutely no patience, and discovering that the shirt I’d ordered didn’t fit thanks to my lingering post baby weight did nothing for my already shaky self-esteem. 

I raced out the house flustered and mad because I really didn’t want to go anywhere, and it took all the willpower within me not to slam the door in frustration as I put on my fake smile for the evening. As we loaded the kids into the car, the mailman came with a couple packages that had my name on them. One was from a sweet shop owner I’ve been working with who sent me a beautiful orange necklace that arrived just in time for the festivities, but the other remained a mystery. I tossed that box in the backseat and finally we are on our way.

If you were to ask my threenager she’d tell you she had the time of her life. But between her whining and my sulking, finding the good of that night wasn’t an easy task for me.

Finally we made it home, and looking for a quiet place I took that mystery package and hid in the bathroom for as long as I could.


The solitude only lasted for a few minutes, but in that time I opened a beautiful gift from a new friend. Jamie and I connected via Instagram (you can follow her @jllebak), and this thoughtful gesture brought me tears.  


She carefully selected items she thought would interest me, including her favorite tea because she remembered that I don’t drink coffee.


This simple act of kindness made me cry because with all the negative things you hear from day to day, it’s nice to be reminded that there are still so many genuine and goodhearted people in this world. I cried because it was an unexpected treat, and for the first time all day this weary mama’s smile was for real. I cried the most tears, however, because it reminded me that the Lord surely did not forget about me. He knew I was having a rough day and I truly believe he wanted me to get the message that all would be well.

Yes, the tea made me cry, but the overwhelming love from my Heavenly Father, even when I least deserve it, continues to sustain me, day after day, after day.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth….For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.-
‭‭John‬ ‭1:14,16‬ ‭(ESV‬‬)



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