Monday Motivation: Be Kind to Yourself

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It’s been just under two weeks since my family and I arrived in Georgia.  We are setting in more with each passing day, but a lot about us being here has yet to sink in.  I’ve been grappling with a wide range of emotions, and while I thought I’d be gung-ho from the get-go, I find myself easing my way into these new waters, one toe at a time. 

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, I lamented over some of the challenges that have accompanied this change. When I was done talking I braced myself.

I was waiting for her to tell me to snap out of it.  I was expecting her to remind me that what I’m going through is so minuscule compared to what so many others are facing, and that I should stop being so self-centered. I was sure she’d simply tell me to get over it.

After all, that’s what I’d been telling myself, so why even consider that her response would be any different?

But instead of suggesting that I’m exaggerating or that I’m the most pitiful human being in all of man-kind (yes, I can be a tad melodramatic at times 😉) she said 4 simple words:

Be kind to yourself.

Boom. That was it.  A simple phrase that hit me like a ton of bricks. She was not only being a sympathetic listener, she was also reminding me to extend grace to myself.  She wasn’t encouraging me to wallow forever and allow my feelings to get the best of me, but she served as the reminder that it is okay to feel.  

Oh what an important lesson I often forget!  Sometimes we just need to go easy on ourselves and have faith that God, who knows our hearts, will meet us where we are.  

My spirit began to soar and I rejoiced because I knew God used her to deliver this message to me. I, in turn, pray that He will use me to deliver it to you!  It’s alright to be kind to ourselves!!!

What do you think friends? Why is it so easy to be so hard on ourselves? 

Are you being kind to YOU today? 


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