I Confess… I Feel Better When I Hear You Fuss

“STOP. Didn’t I tell you to stop? Do you want to go back inside?”

Get off the grass. You know there’s dog poop on there. Get OFF the grass!!

Leave your sister alone. PLEASE. Don’t touch her.

“You’re just not listening. That’s it, we’re done out here. We are DONE.”

*** insert crocodile tears***

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Vacation Rewind Part 3: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

After conquering the Magic Kingdom and Gatorland, we rounded out our trip with a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We were snowed on at the end of the Frozen Sing-A-Long, invited to be guests at the Beast’s castle and were temporarily part of Ariel’s world. I shrieked with both fear and delight on the Tower of Terror and quite possibly shed a happy tear when Doc McStuffins gave Alex a kiss, and my little sweetie hugged her so tight I thought she’d never let go. ❤️

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Vacation Rewind Part 2: Gatorland!


On the second day of our trip we stepped away from Disney and had the experience of a lifetime at Gatorland! I imagine this is what heaven looks to my dear husband who feels a kindred connection to the cast of Swamp People. 😂

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Vacation Rewind Part 1: The Magic Kingdom

A few weeks ago my family and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Orlando, Florida. Our first stop was Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and we had a fantastic time!! Alex was thrilled, Lily was in awe, Kevin was father of the year, and I may have been the most excited one of all. 😄

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What Patricia Didn’t Expect


I was featured today at Raising Miles, sharing some things I didn’t expect when I was expecting! I hope you’ll take a look, and remember,



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