9 Months, Too Soon

My dearest Alexandra,

I decided to write you a letter every 3 months, and I’m stunned that’s it’s already time for another one.  You, baby girl, are an active, hilarious, healthy, and joy-filled 9 month old today, and I can’t believe it!  Seriously.  Weren’t you just born?  Weren’t you just in my belly?  How is it that you’re now crawling faster than the speed of light, and eating everything in sight with your 6 teeth?!

You’re pulling yourself up and cruising along anything you can put your hands on.  It may be the couch, your toys, or even mommy and daddy’s legs, but you’ve certainly made it clear that you’re on the move!  Wow, in 3 months you’ll be a year, and as much as I don’t want to think about that yet, I can’t help it.  My little princess is growing fast, and there’s no slowing you down…

Well, the last few months have had some serious highlights.  You squeal with delight everytime your dad and I embrace, and it’s the sweetest thing. While the experts say it’s too early to tell, the way you favor your left hand gives me hope that you’ll be like your Grandpa John and I. For the record, lefties rule! 😉 You seem to spend the majority of your time in your booster seat, eating, eating, and eating some more. image

You like some interesting combinations like cottage cheese and applesauce (that’s your dad), and you get gruuumpy when we don’t feed you fast enough (ok, that’s all me hee,hee,hee).  You even hum to let us know you’re enjoying the feast! We’re enjoying communicating with you using baby sign language, and your responsiveness and awareness fascinates me.  You’re brilliant in my eyes, and I’m getting used to the sound of “mama, mama” and “dada, dada” coming from your tiny mouth.

You took your first plane ride a few weeks ago, and just as I suspected, you’re a natural when it comes to traveling.

Nothing seems to phase you as long as mommy’s in your sights (separation anxiety is REAL, lol), and your favorite toy is still anything that makes a crinkly-sounding noise.  You’re finally big enough for me to carry on my hip, and  you love to bounce, dance and swing in my arms.  Your laugh is hysterical, and I don’t even mind when you crack up as you squeeze and pinch my stomach.  I know you’re only trying to keep me motivitated, and what a sweetheart you are for doing just that! 🙂  But that’s not all I think about as you lay across my tummy, and have your fun .  I think about the fact that my womb was once your home, and how much has changed since then.

Sometimes I simply sit back and wonder how you do it.  You captivate my attention and it’s hard for my mind to go back to that time before you were in my life.  I was happy, and felt whole, but never could I have imagined how greatly you would change me.  You’re my darling, my sweetie, my honeybun, and I pray that every day I can show you the immense love I have for you in my heart.

Sweet dreams, and mommy loves you…always!

My poor sleepy baby, but I had to get a picture of her finally wearing her 1st pair of shoes!! xoxo

12 thoughts on “9 Months, Too Soon

  1. This is so awesome! When I had my shower for my baby… (now 24!) I got a little silver book that prompted the same idea you are doing with your daughter… It was filled with pages for me to write letters to my baby with scripture verses that were supposed to coincide. It was supposed to begin while I was still pregnant. As a young mom, I wrote all about my hopes and dreams and prayers for her. I imagined how she would look and if we would be friends… And i imagined her reading it when she was a young woman someday. I packed it with her things when she moved out to go to school.
    I had a rough time letting her go but I supported and sacraficed to assist in getting her in the school she wanted to go to. One day, the first year after she had moved out, it was a rainy Saturday and she had stayed home . She called me crying, describing how she had read every page while sitting in her closet. And funny, it was the type of scenario that I imagined her in when I wrote it when I was your age… And now your letter reminded me of that little book and I wish you the same blessing… may she appreciate every word and someday when she is a young woman cherish each page.
    Thank you for sharing!
    (By the way… it IS possible to be friends with your daughter even through the teenage years! My daughter is still my best friend!)

    1. That is the sweetest, sweetest thing! Even at this young age, I can’t help but to wonder about her “all grown up” and the future relationship we’ll have. I guess that’s normal huh? I hope that she enjoys reading these letters to her, and that she always knows how much she means to me!

      Oh and thank you for NOT scaring me about the teen years. My mom said I only had one crazy month, lol, but no horror stories. 😉

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. You know how much I look up to you!!

      God bless you friend,


  2. Oh my goodness! She is so adorable, happy 9 month birthday sweet girl! I especially love the “vampire” teeth coming in – must be rough if you are nursing???
    I didn’t do something this organized, but I always was writing to them, either in their baby books (long before scrapbooking, I was embellishing their baby books) or in journals or letters. They do grow up so fast; my second baby girl will celebrate her 30th at the end of this month. Now she has four of her own (youngest four months). Wow, I just realized how old I sound. LOL
    Have a great first Christmas with your bundle of joy and remember to enjoy EVERY minute – even the teenage ones!

    1. Hahaha Darla! She is my little vampire baby, but thankfully she’s only made nursing “interesting” a couple times so far. 😉 I can’t believe all the pictures and mementos I already have of her. There will be scrapbooking days in my near future!

      BTW, you don’t sound old. Lol. Just a proud mama bear. 🙂 I look forward to all that’s to come!!

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