Monday Motivation: God Has Smiled on Me

Every so often I find myself in a certain kind of mood. Whether you call it being down in the dumps, in a funk, grumpy, sad, whatever, it’s an unpleasant feeling that I’m eager to shed. 

For the last several few days I’d been battling with myself to let the “blahs” go, knowing that I have reason upon reason to rejoice.  I could’ve blamed it on jet lag, missing my mom, or caring for my sick family, but all I really wanted to do was shake it off and give it to God.  He was there like He always is, ever-ready to help, but instead of casting my cares upon him there was a small part of me that was quite content in my sulking stage.  The weather was gloomy, and as the rain poured down I thought it was oh so poetic given my mood.  When I woke up yesterday I’d finally had enough of my moping, and knew it was time to wipe the perma-frown off my face.  It was a cold, wet, and all together miserable morning, and my hubby was too ill to go to churchIn spite of feeling like the wretched Enemy was doing all He could to keep me under His thumb, I was bound and determined to break free!!  I knew the Word I’d hear and the praise I’d sing would be just what the doctor (Jesus) ordered, so I focused on only happy thoughts.  As I looked out the window and saw the gray skies, I was reminded of such a comforting thought. Big or small, storms don’t last always.  See the beauty that’s to come.  So in my mind’s eye that’s exactly what I did!  I thought of sunshine, and joy, and the smile began to form.  I meditated on the Lord’s purpose for rainbows, and felt my spirit soar as God’s Word renewed me.  rainbow

By the time our service ended, the touch of blue peeking out from behind the clouds was the confirmation I needed.  I felt as though it was a message just for me, and a reminder that Our Heavenly Father loves me so deeply.  Yes, He adores imperfect, moody, grumpy me, and no matter what spiritual season you may be in, He cherishes all of you just the same.  He smiles on us even when we don’t feel it, and I hope you decide to smile back!!

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0 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: God Has Smiled on Me

  1. Patricia, thank you as always for sharing your heart. I too have had the blahs (but then again, I’ve battled with that since I was a child). Anyway, I decided I need to re-read an inspirational book. (I know, the WORD is the best inspiration, but I’m a visual person and needed an allegory or something along those lines) I decided to re-read The Shack. It always puts life in perspective for me and gives me more insight in to the heart and mind of God. I know it is a controversial book, but I read it with the Spirit to keep me from being confused or deceived. Anyway, one particular line really hit home with me as I was reading last night. “Love without an agenda.” Wow, I don’t know why that hit me so hard, but it lifted my spirit and taught me more about how God loves me (and you!).
    I hope this helps.
    love, Darla

    1. Oh it does help Darla, as your nuggets of wisdom always do!! I’m not familiar with The Shack. I’ve heard of it but not sure of the contents. Guess I’ll be heading to google, lol. God DOES love me without an agenda or alterior motive, and I’m reminded to always love myself this way as well.

      Thank you so much!

      Lots of love,


  2. This time of year I think we all suffer a little from the blahs – days are cloudy and dreary and it is hard to see the sun let alone rainbows. I am thankful that God loves us even when we are a bit grumpy and down! Bless your heart! I hope that you days are full of plenty of sunshine, both physical and spiritual! Patty
    PS thank you for the pingback, I am thankful that God works through me to encourage His children.

  3. I have so many days like this. Guilty, huh? And I agree, looking through God’s blessings, imagining sunshine, rainbows, of waves soothing my tired heart, reading his beautiful words of encouragement brings back the smile on my face. Amen to this, ” Yes, He adores imperfect, moody, grumpy me, and no matter what spiritual season you may be in, He cherishes all of you just the same. He smiles on us even when we don’t feel it, and I hope you decide to smile back!!” Thank you my friend. You are God’s blessing to us all.

    1. You are a blessing as well! I am SURE that all the love, hope and sincerity you share is the bright spot in so many people’s day. God is pleased that you’re letting your light shine so brightly!! 🙂

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