12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

  1. Okay, now look how happy she looks. Proves that we started out appreciating the simple things…. and now we are all up in our panties about no more Hostess Cupcakes!!! Something has gone terribly wrong between the days we loved our green beans to all the processed commercial food we are in a panic of not tasting anymore! Don’t get me wrong… I am one of them! lol. Love this!

  2. Patricia, I’ve never really liked green beans before, now seeing them pureed, I may never eat them again! LOL Seriously, I’ve had a love hate relationship with them my whole life.
    I hated them and my mom loved to make me eat them – gagging the whole time.
    When my girls were young though, I wanted to set a good example, so I always ate some. I would make one can for our entire family of five, and that is about how many I would put on my plate (saving the bulk to feed my family – such sacrifice!) I still will take them and eat a few, but I still don’t like them. My daughter’s family of five will eat at least 4 cans per meal (its the only veggie my granddaughter – the one with leukemia – will eat).
    Anyway, it was a very pretty color green (I say that holding in my gag reflex) πŸ™‚

    1. Oh my goodness Darla. You have me cracking up!!! I love green breans, but my “yuck” vegetable are peas. EEEEEEEEEEW. When I make those I have to practically hold my nose. I pick them out of every mixed veggie pack or rice dish, and avoid them at all costs. Thankfully she’s not as picky in this area as I am!!

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