A Healthy Hack For the Everyday Mom

I remember a few years ago when drinking coconut water was suddenly all the rage. I know it was for good reason, with suggested benefits such as clear skin, a boost in hydration, and possibly aiding in reduced blood pressure (ahhh those electrolytes, hahaha). 

While the list of positives went on, I couldn’t get over one simple fact:

I have never liked the taste of coconut.


Not in a dessert, candy, or drink. Nope, never, nada. Lol. Which is so sad considering all of its inherent health benefits.

I wished there was a way for me to experience the benefits without the unpleasant taste, and you know what? Welch’s heard my cry! 😉

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The Power of Purple: Smoothie Time!

Our family has found itself in a bit of a rut lately when it comes to healthy mealtime habits. We tend to have the same things over and over again, which gets very boring after a while. Plus, we have a couple of pretty selective eaters on our hands, including a 2 yo who will only eat foods that start with c and end with arb. Hahaha.

I’ve been trying to make simple changes to benefit us all and our overall health goals, so in honor of this being American Heart Month we’ve been amping up our intake of purple!

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