A New York State of Mind: Part 2

It’s the last day of the month! Wow! Before November is gone, I wanted to share the second part of the New York trip my hubby and I took a couple weeks ago. Click here for the full recap of day one!

We slowed things down a tiny bit for the remainder of our trip, but the fun didn’t stop for a moment.

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Vacation Rewind Part 2: Gatorland!


On the second day of our trip we stepped away from Disney and had the experience of a lifetime at Gatorland! I imagine this is what heaven looks to my dear husband who feels a kindred connection to the cast of Swamp People. 😂

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Vacation Rewind Part 1: The Magic Kingdom

A few weeks ago my family and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Orlando, Florida. Our first stop was Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and we had a fantastic time!! Alex was thrilled, Lily was in awe, Kevin was father of the year, and I may have been the most excited one of all. 😄

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Weekly Image of Life: Rekindle The Joy

Most of you know that I spent the last 2 weeks visiting my parents in their new home in Georgia.  We had an amazing time, and I felt so fortunate to be reunited with numerous family members and very special friends. 🙂

Since returning home I’ve been a bit consumed with that whole “back to reality” feeling, and I admit that as I decompress I’ve been fighting off the occasional wave of gloom.  I’m extremely happy to be home, but selfishly I wish all the people I care about could be held captive in my personal bubble.  😉 Nonetheless, I read these words from my dear, dear blogging friend IT (see the link to his page below), and I was reminded to appreciate the blessings of those I love, whether near or far!

“It was time to rekindle the joy of being around family. Family who shares their heart generously. Family who loves you for who you are. Family who makes you truly happy no material wealth nor Earthly glory can ever replace.”

As I looked through the pictures I wanted to share from our trip, my joy was overflowing!!  The time was well spent, and only the beginning of many more adventures to come!

On the airplane.  And away we go!!
On the airplane. And away we go!!

Meeting her Uncle Chris and Great Aunt Candi for the first time.  Just 2 of the host of family members who happily passed her around!

My brother. Ain’t he handsome?!! 😉


All the food was delicious, and oh how I miss the sweet tea!  It’s probably best that I can’t get these sweet treats at home though.  They could become an addiction!

Honey-buttered croissants.  Licking my lips as I type. Lol.
Mother Tuskegee.  My alma mater.
Mother Tuskegee. My alma mater.

I gave my husband a tour as I walked down memory lane…


Inside the chapel.

The choir room.  I practically lived here for 4 years!
The choir room. I practically lived here for 4 years!

Meeting the youngest cousin and newest addition.


You can’t put a price on true friendship. xoxo

Playdate with one of my besties and her 3 loves.
Yep, we’re in Walmart, but we had to make it happen!
Softball buddies and forever friends!

I know this house will always be my family’s second home!

Nana and Pop-Pop’s place.

What experiences rekindle your joy?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

These images are from a few years ago, but they are what immediately came to mind with this challenge.  Some experiences you will never forget, and this is an incredibly small sample of the many imprinted images from my missionary trip to Nigeria in October, 2009.  A trip that changed my life…

Marketplace in Lagos
Cow crossing! We had to wait for the shepard and his herd to pass before we could enter the church.
Traffic jam! Unlike anything you’ve seen.
Streets of Ibadan
City goat. Just making his way…
Even in a foreign land, some things remain universal.