Monday Motivation: Ain’t No Failures in This House!!

Sometimes we all require a swift kick in the pants, and yesterday my extraodinary husband was there to give me just what I needed…

It’s been exactly 2 months since I began my new, Insanity Workout.  If I would’ve followed the regime to a tee I’d be just about done, but I ran into some hiccups, and the additonal days off have me a bit further behind than I’d like to be in this 60-day plan.  Nonetheless, I’m sticking to it, and the results so far have been excellent!!  Yes, I see a change in my outward appearance, but more importantly I feel better than I have in quite some time.  I’ve been losing weight and toning up, but there was still one goal that alluded me:  I wanted to wear my wedding ring again.

Now I don’t live in a fantasy land, nor do I have unrealistic expectations.  I know that physical change takes time, and that there would be some aspects of my body that would never be the same again.  After all, I had a baby, lol, and I’m ok with that!!  But every so often I’d slip that band on and fight the discouragement as the tight pinching enveloped my finger.  In my mind I’d say “JUST FIT!  Don’t you miss my finger as much as my finger misses you?  Stop being so stubborn!!”  It didn’t listen.

About a week and a half ago it dawned on me that I’d gone nearly a year without being able to wear it.  With an upcoming family photo shoot, and a trip to visit my parents in Georgia, I wanted the symbolic jewelry to adorn my hand once again.  It became obvious that if it meant that much to me I’d need to get it resized.  Ugh.  What a terrible word. Resized.  Stupid Silly, right?  But I’m being honest. Somewhere in my mind I thought that having to make this adjustment meant I had failed.  Maybe I didn’t work hard enough or eat enough of the “right” things.  If only I’d had less off days and pushed myself more.  If only…

This past Saturday we went to the jewelry store  and my husband noticed my excitement.  He would no longer walk alongside a woman with bare hands, and I would look down and that slightly pale indentation would be covered once again.  All systems were go, and within 24 hours I’d be back in action!  But even as we walked back to the car I had to ask the question.  “Kevin, am I a failure?”  He replied “No, of course not!  Get those lies out of your head!”  And I did for the moment, but the next day I was hesistant.  There it was, sitting inside that pretty blue bag, and all I could think about was defeat. 

So I asked my husband again. “Babe, are you sure I’m not a failure? Maybe I could’ve worked harder, maybe I could’ve done more.  Maybe I-” He jumps up from the couch and in a booming voice exclaims  “AIN’T NO FAILURES IN THIS HOUSE! I’m not a failure, you’re not a failure, Alexandra’s not a failure.  Look at this beautiful little girl we created.  Look at how much God loves us.  WE ARE NOT FAILURES!”  I couldn’t help but laugh as his face contorted and his eyes popped out of his head, 😉 but I finally got it through my thick skill.  I was fine.  In fact I was more than fine and it was high time I started acting like it!!

Friends, you are not failures either!!!  You have people in your life who love and appreciate you, and none more so than our Abba Father!!  There are no failures in your house, God’s house, and as my Pastor always says“There are no losers in Christ”!  Believe it, receive it, and remain encouraged in Him!!!

Ring ON as I type this morning! 🙂

1 Corinthians 15:57 (NKJV) But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:37 (NKJV) Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Remember, you’re always a winner in Christ!!!

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Weekly Image of Life: Exciting Escape

I’ve always loved to travel.  My parents never quite understood where this wanderlust came from, but they always encouraged me to go forth and explore this great wide worldLife experiences come from places far beyond our backyard, and I hope to cultivate this desire to explore in my daughter and any future children we may be blessed to have.  It’s a blessing to be able to relax, unwind, seek new adventures and get more in touch with yourself, your spouse, your family and the Lord.  Home will always be home, but exciting escapes give you the opportunity to experience life in a whole new way! 

I’d like to share pictures from my exciting honeymoon to Nassau, Bahamas 2 years ago.  This trip holds great meaning for a slew of reasons, and even amid growing pains of marriage and changes in season, the memories these pictures elicit always bring me to my happy place!!

We booked with Sandals Resort, and if you are able to opt for an all-inclusive trip, do it!!  Aside from the extras we chose to enjoy, we didn’t have to worry about a thing!!

We’re all smiles upon our arrival, especially my husband who I learned isn’t a fan of flying. 😉 Our first view of the spectacular beach! This was the view from our room and an unexpected blessing!!  Our reservations said “Garden View”, but God’s favor!!! That night we were in for a treat!  The traditional Junkanoo street party was brought to us! Hmmm.  A new pet? What’s a vacation without delicious food?!!  A friend who’d traveled here prior to our trip recommended this place.  I am forever in her debt! Hahaha. Out and about…

A local high school band keeping the festivities going as the celebration of Boxing Day approached.
The one and only Atlantis.

The pool at the resort at night. My hubby had a brilliant idea of waking up early on our last morning to watch the sunrise. Words aren’t always necessary to feel the love.

Remember that whether it’s a trek to an exotic locale or a staycation, begin planning for your next exciting escape today!!

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