Small Shop Spotlight: Beacon Threads

Friends, I’d like you to meet Anita! She and her husband have a fabulous shop I want to tell you all about for today’s Small Shop Spotlight! It’s called Beacon Threads, and we’re big fans!

Read on to find out more about the heart behind the company, and why I’m so happy to share their faith walk and love for the Lord with you!!

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Small Shop Spotlight: Saltwater Kittens

It’s a beautiful day here, and for today’s Small Shop Spotlight I’m excited to have you all meet the incredibly creative and talented owner of Saltwater Kittens, Jeska!

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Small Shop Spotlight: Taylored Made

I’m excited to bring you a very special edition of Small Shop Spotlight. Instagram has connected me to some very special people, and my sweet friend Taylor is sharing about her shop, new products, and her incredible testimony!

Read about what the Lord has done in her life, and learn more about the inspiration behind her store, Taylored Made. Here’s what she had to say.❤️

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Small Shop Spotlight: Tootsie’s Babies Boutique

Raise your hand if you love accessories! If you’re anything like me, that’s a resounding yes!! I’m happy to report that my girls are fans as well, and  trust me when I say their collection is growing.😉

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