Weekly Image of Life: Smile (In Honor of My Father’s Grin…)

This is my dad.  Wasn’t he a handsome young man? 🙂

I was constantly told that I smile like him, and that’s one compliment I’m always grateful to receive. 

His smile could light up any room, and bring the best out of anyone.  It beamed with genuine joy and love, and your frown had no place to stay if he was in your presence.  He was quick to flash his pearly whites to any camera that was aimed in his direction…and even a few that weren’t! 😉

He taught me how to pose with the best of them, but no matter what, he was my favorite picture partner.

He now spends his days in Heaven, where I know his countenance reflects the happiness and peace that comes with praising Our Mighty Lord.  I sometimes cry when I think of this, but not out of sadness or disappointment.  I shed tears over the goodness of God and the certainty of our reunion in Eternity.  I smile because as much as my daughter looks like her father, she has my smileThe smile of her Grandpa John.

For this I am thankful, and my smiles..our smiles…will never cease!! 


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