What Motherhood Means to…Raven

Greetings friends! For some time now I’ve had the desire to begin a blog series entitled ‘What Motherhood Means to Me’,  featuring mothers from varying perspectives and walks of life. From the pregnant mom to the mom who is holding onto faith for her own pregnancy or adoption. The mom who is content with one child to the mom of multiples. Working moms, stay at home moms, moms to teenagers and toddlers alike. And everything in between!  You name it, we’ve got it! 


My prayer in this is that there will be something for everyone to relate to, and that even in our differences we might find the common thread that binds us as women and as moms. I hope that in doing so, celebration, not competition will rule the day, and I’m thrilled that you all are along for the ride! 

To kick things off we have some very special thoughts from a pregnant mom about Mother’s Day…

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