Enjoy a Tasty Night Out With Chef Darius Cooks in Atlanta!

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Calling all foodies, culinary connoisseurs, and everyone who simply enjoys great food and good fun!!

Next week I’ll be attending a very special event  in Atlanta at Macy’s Lenox Square, and you’re invited!!

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A Guilt-Free Treat with VitaTops™ MuffinTops

It’s official. Spring has sprung!

This means beautiful blooms, allergy attacks, unpredictable weather, baseball season (Go Giants!!), and of course, the yearly race to get swimsuit ready. 

Did anyone else kinda cringe a bit at that last one?


I’m not thrilled with where my body is these days, but If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know that I’ve been trying my best to remain consistent in my workouts. Not just for pool days, but to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle in general and set a good example for my girls.

One area that is a struggle for me is snack-time. I want something easy, quick AND delicious, and I usually have a craving for something sweet. ‘Healthy’ isn’t always the first requirement, when I’m scrambling for something at the last minute, but I’ve finally found a great option with VitaTops™ MuffinTops!

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Holiday Hosting With Stella Cheese

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can all relax right? Hahaha. WRONG!!

The Christmas season is upon us which means decorating, holiday music, shopping, planning, and of course, hosting some fun and festive gatherings! 

Christmas Eve dinner is at our place for the second year in a row, and as I consider different menu options I want to have great appetizers in place. A cheese board is a definite go-to in my book, and this year I’ll be using one of the many flavorful options from Stella Cheese!

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Weekly Image of Life: Stories and Photographs

I love Thanksgiving.  Every year our home was the one with the open door policy, and friends we hadn’t seen in ages would always show up just in time for dinner!  😉  As adults this has still been the case, with my mom welcoming everyone as family.  I’m extremely excited to say that even though she and my stepdad are settling into their new home in Georgia, we will be joining them for a Turkey Day feast! 

This was Thanksgiving dinner last year, and by far my favorite pregnancy moment, lol. Several dishes, including the desserts, aren’t even pictured! My mouth still waters…

My relatives thrive on story-telling around the dinner table, and my husband (who will be meeting many of them for the first time) will be in for a treat!  I believe the current head count is somewhere between 23-25 of my aunts, cousins, and friends who will be joining us this year, and I can’t wait for the laughter, full bellies, and fond memories that will be made!

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