It’s More Than a Bump

July 13, 2011, my husband and I made a discovery that would forever change the course of our lives. It was on this day, a Wednesday, that we found out I was pregnant with our first child. We were elated, and I knew right away that I wanted the gender of our baby to remain a surprise. It took some convincing, but my darling hubby agreed that we’d wait until the birth to learn if I’d been carrying a little prince or princess.  Read More

Who Entitled You?! (Originally Posted May 10, 2012)

The other day I heard a story that left me utterly disturbed.  A family member shared a recent experience while dining at a busy, casual restaurant with her husband and 7 month old.  Apparantly there were two large parties of 10 people near their table, along with toddler age children that weren’t under the strictest supervision.  It was noisy and crowded in the entire place, and at the moment her young son was over-stimulated and began to cry.  Though it was obvious that several people contributed to the raucous, a woman near her table turned and asked them to leave because “your baby’s crying is annoying me”.  She was on a date and apparently she thought she had the right to make this request. I froze in shock and disbelief as the details of the event unfolded. Did this person actually say that?  Out loud?!! It’s not like this baby was kicking this woman’s chair, throwing food or physically disrupting her meal while her parents sat idly by.  They were doing their best to soothe their child, but in her world it wasn’t enough.  Before they left the restaurant I know my family member’s husband gave this person a piece (or two or three…) of his mind, but the bitter taste of having to deal with this lady’s thoughtless reaction still lingered.Read More