Small Shop Spotlight: Inspired Peaces

I don’t remember the exact details of how Taisha and I first became acquainted via the world wide web, but right away I knew she was a kind and genuine spirit. I was able to confide in her and ask for prayer, and she shared a dream she had with me to step out on faith and start her own business. 

Well that dream has come to fruition and I’m ecstatic to share her amazing work with you all!!! Her Etsy shop, Inspired Peaces, is my next Small Shop Spotlight!

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Small Shop Spotlight: Pegs n’ Things

Several months ago I connected with this beautiful and sweet mama, Alix. She was pregnant with her second child and we always had the nicest interactions. Then I discovered that she is a total #momboss with an Etsy shop for her adorable peg doll creations. She is so talented and I’m thrilled to feature Pegs n’ Things for my Small Shop Spotlight!


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Small Shop Spotlight: Shutter Totes

A little over a month ago I won a giveaway hosted by Caroline of In Due Time that was for store credit at ShutterTotes. This shop sells stylish and protective camera bags, and to say I was thrilled is an understatement! I’m a bit paranoid about just having my DSLR out without some sort of protection, but the bulky and boring bag we got from the electronics store just wasn’t cutting it. I instantly fell in love with my pretty, spacious and functional bag (there’s room for my personal items too!), and knew I had to feature the gracious Lynn and her store for my Small Shop Spotlight!

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Small Shop Spotlight: Saltwater Kittens

It’s a beautiful day here, and for today’s Small Shop Spotlight I’m excited to have you all meet the incredibly creative and talented owner of Saltwater Kittens, Jeska!

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Small Shop Spotlight: Tootsie’s Babies Boutique

Raise your hand if you love accessories! If you’re anything like me, that’s a resounding yes!! I’m happy to report that my girls are fans as well, and  trust me when I say their collection is growing.😉

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