Small Shop Spotlight: A Beautiful RAWR

What exactly is A Beautiful RAWR? A catchy name or a silly expression? Quite the opposite actually. A Beautiful RAWR is a Real Amazing Woman Representing. That’s you and I friend, and the beautiful creator and owner Linh, wants all of us to know that. 

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Waffles and His Word: A Lesson in Trusting the Promises of God

The other morning I asked my threenager what she wanted for breakfast. 

“Waffles“, she said.

Image via Pinterest
Image courtesy of via Pinterest

I informed her that there weren’t any, and quickly ran down the list of other options. She shook her head at each suggestion and once again said waffles.

“Alex. I know you want waffles but we don’t have any. Maybe another time. I’m sorry.”

By this time she’s sitting with her arms folded in front of her, attempting to stare a hole in my forehead before she speaks.

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I AM Good Enough

This time last week I was in a vulnerable place. Some words had been spoken that cut me to the core, and as I worked through my hurt and emotions the following thoughts are what came to mind…

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Great is His Love For You

For the past 3 months I’ve been a weekly writer for Daughter of Delight. As my term comes to an end with this devotional about God’s awesome love, I realize what a dream and blessing this has been for me to share such truth in this capacity, exhorting and prayerfully encouraging others along the way. Please visit this ministry if you haven’t already, and thank you for taking the time to read what God has laid on my heart.🙏🏾💙🙌🏾

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The Tea That Brought Me to Tears

Saturday was a really hard day. I had high hopes of eating all my daughter’s candy after watching her frolick around as the best sheriff in town at a local church event.


It was supposed to be a great family night. It was supposed to be fun, fun, fun.  It was supposed to be a number of things, but was instead a day that left me feeling like a failure in every possible way. 

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