What Motherhood Means To…Taylor

Motherhood by definition is the act of raising a child. When Patty asked me to do a post for this series I thought I would write something well put together and eloquent. Something that captured motherhood in all its perfection and glamour. Then I remembered, motherhood is not well put together. Motherhood is not eloquent.

Motherhood is certainly not perfect.

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Some Thoughts From Your Black Friend…

Terence Crutcher. Another name I wish I didn’t know for this reason. Another heart wrenching video. Another dead man. Another hashtag.

My heart is so heavy.

It’s heavy and I want to be an encouragement. I want to be a light. But sometimes in order to see the light you have to get past the dark truth.

You don’t have to agree with my opinion. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to like me. But please, I just ask you to listen. Hear me out. Because I have heard you…

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When the World Fails You


I wish I was a bird so I could fly far, far, far away….

Tears are streaming down my face.

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To the Ones Without Their Dad on Father’s Day

Dear Friend,

I know the feeling. 

So much joy mixed with a twinge (or stab) of pain. Father’s being hailed, honored and cherished, as they should be, and yet someone special is missing from your festivities.

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Small Shop Spotlight: Union28 Marriage Apparel

Union28 Marriage Apparel is a family owned shop that designs and sells fabulous shirts with encouraging messages for husbands and wives (kids too!). I love their graphic tees and how they shine a positive light on marriage. I had a fun Q&A session with owner, Jaclyn, and I’m sure you’ll love this Small Shop Spotlight!

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