God Does Not Delay


Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The hare was all about living life in the fast lane, relying on his speed to get him to the finish line before the rest. The tortoise on the other hand, understood that the race is not to the swift (Ecclesiastes 9:11), and in the end he was victorious.

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Monday Motivation: (Im)Patiently Waiting


photo credit: free-picture.net
photo credit: free-picture.net

Waiting can be hard sometimes.  Far too often our flesh wants what it wants right now, and when we don’t get it we must fight off those feelings of anxiety, impatience, and even disappointment. Being just two days shy of my due date, I know these feelings all too well.  For the last several days I’ve wondered if it will be the day, but I have to be careful not to allow discontentment to creep in.  Just as I take heart in knowing that no one stays pregnant forever ;), we must also remain confident that the Lord won’t ever leave us hanging!  There is a plan and purpose in His timing, and when we completely trust in Him it is always worth the wait!!!Read More