Lily’s Carnival: Photos From Her 1st Birthday Party!

A week later, and the fact that I now have a 3 year old and 1 year old is finally beginning to sink in! 😱 On Sunday we had a fantastic time celebrating Miss Lily with a carnival-themed party. We truly missed our west coast family and friends, 😭 but we had a marvelous time making new memories with the wonderful people God has blessed us with in this new season. ❤️ I hope you enjoy the photos, and tell me, how do you celebrate birthdays in your house??

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

A dear friend of mine took this amazing photo of my baby girl.  She loves the freedom of scooting, rolling, rocking and reaching, but most of all she loves to fly!  Here’s to you Alexandra, my little free spirit...Never let the cares of this world steal your joy!!