Taco Bout a Birthday Cake with AGM Bakery!

When I was pregnant with Evie my sweet friends and family threw me a “Rainbow Baby Fiesta” baby shower. It was colorful and fun, and we munched on my favorite Mexican food.

When it came time to plan Evie’s first birthday I thought it would be great to somehow connect that special day with this one, so I decided on “Let’s Taco Bout A Party” as a theme!

I knew it had lots of potential for cuteness and decor, but more than anything I wanted to make sure we had plenty of delicious food. We had tacos (duh,lol), but I also wanted a show-stopping cake that would tie in beautifully with the theme.

We partnered with AGM Bakery for our cake needs and they did not disappoint!!

AGM Bakery is a local business recently launched by new mom, Rachel. Starting your own business is no small under-taking, and hearing her heart behind this venture made me love what she does before even getting to the cake part. Here’s what she had to say:

Never in a million years would I have ever seen myself as a business owner, but this little girl {her daughter and AGM namesake} makes me brave. She is the reason I started AGM Bakery. I have always loved to bake since I was a child. I always wanted to help my grandmother cook or bake. When seasons changed and I had to quit my full time job, I felt it was time to start the bakery. Every day I thought about what kind of cakes I would make but I kept backing down in fear. One day I looked into AnnaLee’s eyes and the things she had to face as a little baby and I said “I refuse to live in fear”! 3 days later I announced AGM Bakery would be open for business!

Photo Credit: gabrielleswanson.com

I love seeing people smile as they see their cake or tasting it. I love making cakes and AnnaLee sitting next to me watching. I love everything about baking. This is the heart of AGM. Let us be part of your special day!

I’m all about supporting companies with such genuine heart at its core, but beyond that, the cakes she creates are beautiful and delicious!!!

I asked for specific colors to flow with the black, white and gold color palette, and while there were plenty of options for flavors, I chose to stick with vanilla for both the smash cake and cake for everyone to enjoy.

For their decorations I knew what I wanted but had a hard time articulating it. However, after sharing some photos I found for inspiration and communicating back-and-forth with Rachel, I was quickly reassured that she would deliver just what I wanted.

She exceeded my expectations! 

Both cakes were so tasty and delightful, and I loved that they coordinated without matching exactly. 

Evie was clearly a happy camper!

Leading up to my sweet one’s birthday was a whirlwind of many mixed emotions and serious denial, and I honestly felt as though I let many details of the party planning slip through the cracks. However, I knew that the smash cake would be part of the memories I wouldn’t want to forget, and I’m so thankful for the talent, creativity, and patience of AGM Bakery that helped my mama dreams come true!

If you are looking for a special cake for your next special occasion contact AGM Bakery on Facebook and Instagram. There you’ll find many more masterpieces and lovely cakes that are guaranteed to give you a sweet tooth!!

Mention code “lifeofaministermom” and save $5 off your order through September 30th!!

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