Fun Alternatives to Screen Time With Unique Gifts From Wicked Uncle

This post is sponsored by Wicked Uncle but all views and opinions are honest and my own.

My goals for the summer were simple. I wanted my girls to have a lot of fun and I didn’t want to lose my mind in the process. Lol. This meant keeping them very busy (too busy for the constant bickering), and being flexible in ways I’m typically more strict about during the school year. One example was my decision to loosen the reigns a bit when it came to screen time.

We’ve always allowed time for television or tablets, but things were far less regimented over the last few months. As the school year begun I knew I needed to make some adjustments, and limiting their viewing during the week was initially a struggle. 

They asked about their devices constantly and I was tempted to give in (again, to avoid that whole losing my mind thing), until they each received gifts from Wicked Uncle!

Wicked Uncle has an incredibly extensive and unique round-up of gifts for babies to teens, so in searching for some alternative options to after school entertainment I knew I’d find what I was looking for. You can request gift-wrapping which made it extra special (they said it felt like Christmas), and gave them something else to look forward to.

With categories ranging from sensory, creativity, outdoorsy, engineering and more, I could easily find what I was looking for and make sure my choices were age appropriate too.

With such a broad selection, I decided to narrow it down to something they could do in their quiet time, something creative, something educational and something they could play with together.

I chose diaries and a new book for some quiet time, and they always have awesome book selections! Several months ago we ordered Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls from Wicked Uncle, and we were happy to add the story of the first American female to walk in space to our bookshelf too!

I chose a stamp collection for Lily as her creative option and this really cool rock painting kit for my oldest. We live in a city where people leave rocks to be found by strangers and I thought this could be a great way to get in on that action while doing some painting!

Since my 4 year old is just starting preschool I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get her something based in education. We’ve already begun practicing with this clock and both my girls are learning that all time isn’t told digitally!

Lastly, I am determined to present more opportunities for my daughters to play well together (did I mention the bickering…) so I thought the kid versions of some classics would be a whole lot of fun!

Instead of asking if they can watch a show, they are now super enthusiastic about the options of goodies they can rotate through.

Wicked Uncle has gifts for every occasion! You might not be a mom on the edge of crazy like me, hahaha, but if you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or trying to maintain that cool aunt or  uncle status, this is certainly the way to go!

Take a look around their website and let me know what you would choose!



10 thoughts on “Fun Alternatives to Screen Time With Unique Gifts From Wicked Uncle

  1. Our town leaves painted rocks for others to find too – so fun! I love these creative products and books from Wicked Uncle! Will definitely have to check them out – thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve really enjoyed the selection and being able to shop for everything in one place!!



  2. Say what?! How awesome is this! I will be checking out Wicked Uncle for all our gift needs now…gift giving for kids can be so overwhelming haha!

    1. It can be! Haha! That’s why I really appreciate that they separate by age and category and it’s really a one-stop shop!



  3. Wow, this is SO fun!!! I REALLY try to avoid screen time for my two kids too. But here I am at the end of August, letting my kids watch tv TWICE a day! Ugh! Thank you for sharing this idea!!!

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