The Comfort and Convenience of Filing Your Taxes with H&R Block!

This post is sponsored by H&R Block but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Who else wishes they were taught how to do taxes in school? I’m raising my hand up high!!

As this tax season comes to a close, I’m glad there are reliable places like H&R Block to meet my tax needs!

They have many office locations but this year I chose to use their DIY products to complete my taxes online. H&R Block’s online filing service is the most convenient for me because I can do my taxes from the comfort of my own home, and with assistance from my littlest helper. 😉

I was able to easily navigate their guided online Q&A process which helped me determine which online version I should use.  From marital status and home ownership to investments and kids, the program reviewed my specific tax situation so I could choose which product was best for me. Being a blogger, I decided to move forward with the Self-employment option.

Whether you’re on a mobile device or laptop, it was simple to upload all my forms and easily navigate through the process. Uploading my documents was easy and saved me a lot of time – I even took a photo of my W-2 so I didn’t have to type in all that information. Such a time-saver! Then I answered some questions and the program walked me through each section.  It even reviewed my return for accuracy at the end of each section, which made me feel confident it was done right! Here’s a glimpse of the program:

Even though the process was really easy, I was a bit nervous about making a mistake. I was so happy to see they provided a safety net if I did have questions. If you find yourself stuck you can online chat with a tax pro and can even share your screen with the expert so they can help you navigate through the issue.

Another crucial consideration for me is the cost. As a WAHM of 3 it has to be, and I love that H&R Block has transparent and upfront pricing!  They tell you the price before you start and if the cost changes for any reason, they explain why in the moment.  I appreciated that they didn’t wait until the end of the process to show me a totally different price!

I find that a lot of times I procrastinate when it comes to filing my taxes because I find the process so tedious and difficult. I’m happy to report that this year has been different and it can be a seamless process for you too!

It’s not too late to file, so whether you’re a busy mom like me or you just prefer the comfort of home, file online with H&R Block today!

6 thoughts on “The Comfort and Convenience of Filing Your Taxes with H&R Block!

  1. I love anything that relieve some of the stress of filing taxes. I’ve used H&R Block in the past and was very impressed!

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