3 Reasons to Read ‘God, I know You’re There’

I witnessed the sweetest moment this week. Completely unprompted, my middle child began reading  God, I know You’re There to her baby sister. It was the cutest interaction and literally made my heart burst!

God, I Know You’re There is a darling book I was gifted from FrontGate Media, and I can’t wait to share 3 reasons why it’s a must-have for your collection!

1.  Age-Appropriate

I have a first grader who is a prolific reader, and a 4 year old who doesn’t know how to read yet. They both love this book! Bonnie Rickner Jensen writes in a way that’s not too lengthy or wordy but with great clarity. My oldest has memorized some of the pages and my 4-year old can still tell the story as if she was reading each word herself. I think it’s great for elementary school-age and early readers.

2. Visually Stunning

This is beautiful, beautiful book!! Lucy Fleming paints a stunning and whimsical picture with diverse characters and vibrant colors. From planting a garden to swinging from the moon, children and adults alike are sure to find it captivating! 

3. The Nearness of God

How do you know God is there if you can’t feel or see him? It’s probably safe to say we’ve all asked that question a time or two, but how do you explain such a concept to inquisitive children?

There are numerous things in our everyday lives that we can’t feel, touch or hear, but we know without a shadow of a doubt that they’re real. More than anything, God, I Know You’re There does a lovely job of drawing a correlation between these things to the goodness, character and very real nature of God! 

God, I Know You’re There is a gem and one we’ve all enjoyed. It sparks conversations and has created wonderful opportunities for family bonding too!

Click HERE for the chance to win a copy for yourself, and let me know how YOU know God is Real!!

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      1. This is my favorite of all my daughter’s books! Reason #4: The diversity shown in the kids depicted by the illustrations. It’s a beautiful representation of the unique characteristics that God has created in His children.

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