3 Things I’ve Learned as a Breastfeeding Mom

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I’m 4 months into breastfeeding my 3rd baby, and I can honestly say that each time has been different. Every nursing experience has come with its own challenges and unique rhythm, but there are three things I know now that I wish I’d know from the start. 

1. Natural Isn’t the Same as Easy

I will never forget crying in the shower days after delivering my firstborn. I was in so much pain and wondering if something was wrong with me. Some initial soreness and discomfort while breastfeeding, sure. But this. This couldn’t be right?!! And you know what? It wasn’t. But before I reached out for help I thought the problem must have been me. Like far too many moms, I thought this natural thing was supposed to come easily, so I beat myself up when it didn’t.

Knowing how much it meant for me to breastfeed (especially after an unexpected emergency c-section), my husband encouraged me to reach out for help. I emailed someone from our local La Leche League and it made such a difference! Between that and a follow-up with our pediatrician, we discovered we had a really terrible latch on one side and my baby was mildly tongue-tied which can make a big difference! 

I’ve learned so much over the last several years because I asked questions, became more educated and advocated for myself. There’s no shame in getting help!! You and baby have to learn this process, so if you find yourself struggling look for local resources. There are groups, classes, counselors and certified lactation consultants available in most instances. Use them and get support!!

2. Your Baby’s Gut Health Is Important 

My husband and I and older daughters have all used probiotics, but only recently did it occur to me to try them for my baby!

Evivo Breastmilk Probiotics is what we’re using, and it’s the only probiotic clinically proven to restore B. infantis while reducing the potentially harmful bacteria by 80%. This is important, especially in the first 6 months of life, because your infant is developing their metabolism and immune system. For a number of reasons many babies don’t receive this good bacteria at birth, and poor gut health is being correlated to more instances of colic, eczema, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.

Evivo offers a Baby Gut Check which asks the following questions:

Question 1: Were you OR your baby born via C-section?

Question 2: Were you OR your baby given antibiotics pre-delivery or post pregnancy?

Question 3: Does your baby have diaper rash OR 5+ watery poops per day? 

If you answered yes to one or more questions, head to Evivo for more information on how their kits can help your baby have a healthier gut!

Their kits are so easy to use and you can check out these codes for great savings!!

3. Your Breastfeeding Journey is Unique to YOU!

Maybe you’re planning on breastfeeding for 6 months. Maybe you’ve passed a year and have no intention on slowing down. Maybe you’re exclusively pumping. Maybe you use the football hold on one side and the cross cradle on the other. Maybe you’re tandem nursing your infant and toddler. Maybe your baby exclusively nurses from one side.

Guess what?

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and it doesn’t have to look the same! Stop the comparisons, shaming (self-directed or otherwise), and applaud yourself for doing the best you can. Whatever that looks like!

Breastfeeding my girls has been an incredible experience for me, but it hasn’t come without it’s challenges and frustrations. I’d love to hear what it’s been like for you, and remember mama, you’re doing great!!!

24 thoughts on “3 Things I’ve Learned as a Breastfeeding Mom

  1. Great tips! I wish somebody had told me how not easy breastfeeding was. I wish I had had that kind of support. Thanks for giving good practical advice to young ladies who hopefully will read your words of encouragement and feel normal and validated when they are struggling

  2. “Natural isn’t the same as easy” … SO TRUE! I had such a horrible time at breastfeeding those first couple months with my oldest. My friends who breastfed all had such easy experiences I never knew it could be a challenge and basically suck. It was so frustrating and I felt like a total failure.

    1. It can be CHALLENGING!!!! My first months with my oldest were rough as well but I’m glad I got the help and support I needed!



    1. I had 3 c-sections as well and the recovery is no joke! Don’t beat yourself up. Be proud of what you were able to accomplish!



    1. We’ve just started but so far it’s been great and there have been awesome testimonials from moms who have used it for a while!



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