Keeping a Clutter-Free Kids Room with Creative QT!

I received these items from Creative QT in exchange for a review. As always, opinions are honest & my own.

My 3 and 6 year old share a bedroom, and keeping it clean can often be an uphill battle. Our recent move gave me the opportunity to organize and sift through a lot of treasures junk the girls had acquired, in hopes of a bit of a fresh start in our new place.

So far they’ve kept the room on the up and up (gloooooory!!), but one area was still a huge issue until recently.

The stuffed animals!!! Ahhhhhh!!!

My girls have A LOT of stuffed animal friends (this is paired down…eek!), and until now they have been in hiding behind their beds. 

I was at a bit of a loss (we’ve tried that whole hanging net thing and it was a bust), until our Stuff ‘n Sit from Creative QT arrived!

The Stuff ‘n Sit is a creative and convenient storage solution for all their stuffed friends! 

These items can be zipped in neatly and turned into a comfy ottoman, and my kiddos were excited to fill it up and test it out!

Not only is it a brilliant clutter free solution, it’s super cute too!

Creative QT has a range of colors to fit your decor and two different sizes to choose from. We have the XL which fits up to 90 toys (or throw pillows, blankets, you name it!), and I’m so relieved knowing everything now how it’s proper place.

In addition to keeping their rooms clean, we’ve been working on getting them involved with chores around the house. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Creative QT Chore Sticks which could not have come at a better time!

I kid you not, my oldest immediately thought this cleaning game was “so much fun” and it’s been such a simple way to teach them responsibility.

Recommended for ages 3-12, chores can be appropriately adapted based on age. There are also some fun bonus “chores” like dancing to your favorite song and doing 15 jumping jacks which keeps things interesting! 

You can visit Creative QT to check out more of their innovative products and they offer free shipping on every order! 

How do you motivate your kids to clean up after themselves? Keep tidying up fun!!


40 thoughts on “Keeping a Clutter-Free Kids Room with Creative QT!

    1. That sounds like a great idea! They have tons of options and
      some blank ones to create your own too!



  1. My boys are so helpful around the house but their room remains a constant struggle. I wish I had it in me to keep up with the cleaning… their room is a TORNADO! I am grateful for all they do however. These chore sticks seem like a fun alternative to my nagging. Haha!

  2. That bag sound like a great way to get kids to keep their rooms clean. It’s also important that they don’t buy too much junk, either. That’s why we are constantly donating things as items come into our home.

    1. Absolutely!! As things come in,it’s great to encourage something else going out! Our stuffed animals can be hard to part with though. Some are from my childhood! ☺️



  3. This is such a great product! We have a huge bin with animals in it. This would be so much better.

  4. Eeeek my girls would LOVE this! I hope I win! Thanks for doing this friend. You’re beautiful!

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