A ‘Sun In My Belly’ Birthday!

There’s been radio silence around here. Silence. But after an unplanned hiatus I’m back and better than ever!

Well, maybe not better, lol, but I am a year older. I turned 36 last week!!

Dress c/o Pink Blush

It’s still sinking in, but I believe every age should be celebrated. Birthdays are special and the gift of life should not be taken for granted. So when Sun In My Belly offered to host some friends and I in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the opportunity!

My first experience at Sun In My Belly was in May, and for someone who loves all things breakfast and brunch, I knew this place was a winner.

Beyond the service and food being excellent, they truly go out of their way to welcome you in as more than a patron. You leave feeling like an old friend or member of the family.

This is exactly what I wanted my guests and I to experience for my birthday.

Sun in My Belly recently extended their brunch hours and are now open Thursday nights for The Breakfast Club, an 80’s themed dining experience.  As an 80s baby, I knew I had to check out this totally awesome evening for myself!! 

Talk about fun!! I felt transported as soon as I entered their establishment, in the best possible way!

In a very unique touch, they created their own CapriSun.

In ultimate Throwback Thursday fashion, everything from the games, music, and of course, the food, was all about the 80’s!

Needless to say, we worked up an appetite. The food did not disappoint!!

With options like Chicken and Eggos (hey, they’re good enough for Eleven 😉) and a giant pop tart for dessert, they continued their theme seamlessly.

Everything tasted great and Sun In My Belly is excellent at catering to those with dietary restrictions. A couple of my guests are on plant-based, gluten-free diets and they still received everything they desired!

The beautiful Eryka of Busy Little Izzy!

What a night!!!! 

I truly had a blast and am so happy I was able to continue my birthday celebration at this wonderful place with such wonderful people.

Check out Sun In My Belly the next time you’re in Atlanta, and you won’t be disappointed!!







All photos taken by: Morgan Hayes Photography


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